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Kamp cafe helsinkin finland

One of the most irresistible things to do for some people in Helsinki is apparently to sun yourself outside of a cafe, Parisian style, watching the passing traffic, face upturned to the sun as if watching a giant movie screen. My husband thought that the sight of it was so hilarious that he took pictures of them. It's where Helskinki goes to pose and posture.

Kamp cafe Helsinki Finland

Hotel Kämp is Helsinki's premier hotel, built in 1887 by Carl Kämp and then rebuilt in 1965. It is the place for the wealthy, social elite (rooms start at €500). It is steeped in history {http://www.cosmopolis.ch/travel/helsinki/hotel_kamp_111.htm} with its rich and sumptuous surroundings, after a hard day pounding the cobblestones touristing, we enter the hotel, delighted that the serenity.

Kamp cafe helsinki finland

The menu is surprisingly reasonable given the surroundings. I am itching for some seafood so my husband and I share the Royal Seafood platter €39.80, the crayfish soup €9.80 and my sister has a burger craving so she orders the €21.

Kamp cafe helsinki finland crayfish soup

The soup arrives first and is spooned from a small silver tureen into a chic patterned rim bowl. The soup is richly and deeply flavoured, an ode to the crayfish. A definite winner.

Kamp cafe Helsinki Finland

It takes a while before the seafood platter and burger arrives, we're not sure why as we are eating early and it's relatively empty. We take some time to peruse our opulent surroundings, oddly there are huge shag pile rugs under the tables, we can only think what kind of cleaning nightmare they would be should a diner spill something on them or drop crumbs.

Kamp cafe Helsinki Finland bread

The bread given to us is lovely and fresh, the butter simply gorgeous as Finnish butter is uniformly.

Kamp cafe helsinki finland platter

Kamp cafe helsinki finland royal platter

Our platter and burger finally arrives, the platter piled high with prawns (smoked and unsmoked), oysters, 1/2 a small lobster (and we mean small) and mussels. We dig into the platter, the 2 precious oysters are large and creamy, the mussels sweet albeit small, the lobster doesn't have a great deal of lobster meat so we savour what is there and the prawns are unusual-the smoked version being extremely smoked (we find that Finnish smoked items are very smokey in flavour) and the natural prawns sweet with soft shells.

Kamp cafe helsinki finland shrimp roe

What is interesting is the amount of tiny sweet roe clinging to each prawn, it's very sweet and delicious. The 4 sauces are: Aioli, a runny thousand island, a red onion vinaigrette and a blood orange sauce. The aioli is my favourite although the red onion vinaigrette is a natural for the oysters.

Kamp cafe Helsinki Finland burger

The burger is actually not made up with a burger patty, it's thin slices of rareish beef. Blythe finds it strange and not quite burger like enough. Also the chips are very dry and usually a chip lover, she leaves most behind.

The restaurant starts to fill, with elegantly dressed people seeking a drink or a meal outside of the brief rain shower outside. And of coursethere are still people outside watching the crowd scuttle past with umbrellas, like watching a movie.

Kämp Café & Bar


Mon - Fri 11.30 - 24.00 a la carte menu

Sat - Sun 12.00 - 24.00 a la carte menu


Mon-Wed 10.00-01.00

Thu-Fri 10.00-02.00

Sat 11.00-02.00

Sun 11.00-01.00


Kämp Café & Bar, Pohjoisesplanadi 29, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 9 5840 9530

Fax. +358 9 5761 1925

e-mail: sales@hotelkamp.fi

Kamp cafe Helsinki Finland

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