Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

Every year, my husband's family and mine rent a house at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains. We always get the same house as it's huge, lovely and just right for the 10 of us. This year it seemed that some were out to ruin Christmas with last minute cancellations but despite this, and the many, many changes of plans we still had a fantastic Christmas, made even better because of the absence of Grinches! :)

Christmas 2008
Breakfast spread (not shown, muesli)

Christmas 2008
Mmm of the gods!

We had a range of foods for breakfast including of course French Toast with bacon and blueberry jam. During the day copious amounts of Watermelon (from a sweet and juicy 11kg behemoth melon) were consumed, one night was a Pot Luck plate dinner with Hawaiian bean salad, noodles, cheeses and dips.

Christmas 2008
Crimson Rosellas in the backyard (amongst many other native birds)

Christmas 2008
Eumundi Organic Sausages

Christmas 2008

The highlight was the Christmas Day BBQ which featured a Coke Butt Chicken (a Coke version of the Beer Butt Chicken, click here for the recipe), Eumundi Sausages in 3 flavours (Pork & Ginger; Chicken & Leek and Beef, Tomato & Spinach); vegetarian sausages, tofu patties, coleslaw, freshly buttered corn, caramelised onions, asparagus, rolls, and of course for dessert, gleaming Maple Cheesecake (recipe to come) and sweet, juicy watermelon.

Christmas 2008
BBQ'd onions

Christmas 2008
Tofu and vegetarian sausage platter

Christmas 2008
Grilled corn on the cob

Christmas 2008

Cooked Eumundi's - yum!

Christmas 2008
Coke Butt Chicken

Christmas 2008
Grilled asparagus

Christmas 2008

The Eumundi sausages, which were a bit of a race around to buy as they weren't answering their phone so we couldn't find out their opening hours, were finally procured at the Fox Studios markets. The Pork & Ginger was a coarse grind sausage, heady in ginger. The Chicken and Leek were my favourite, a mild finely ground sausage and the beef, tomato were delicious with a fantastic flavour to them.

Christmas 2008

As for presents, this year I was thrilled to receive:

Nigella Christmas book

Grade A Spanish saffron

Christmas 2008
Excuse the wrinkly hands...

Chanel Kaleidoscope Nail Polish

Signed Ferran Adria "A Day at El Bulli" book

Icing tubes (yes seriously, I love the ones from the UK)

Box of assorted Lindor balls

Fairy flower cookie kit

A tin of Goose Fat

Cupcake apron

Cupcake oven mitt

Maldon Smoked and Regular salt

Monk Season 6 DVD

Dermalogica Skincare


Le Petite Cafe Mocha mix

The Family Guy The Untold Story of Stewie Griffin DVD

Microwavable ice cream scoop

Eiffel tower umbrella

Christmas 2008

Wicked umbrella

Christmas 2008
Inside the Wicked Umbrella-so clever!

Shakalaka tapenade and Quinoa from the Oxfam fair Trade shop

A ceramic box filled with Dime bars and Reese's Peanut Butter cups

I hope you had a fabulous, fun filled Christmas too!




Christmas 2008
We shall call him Ernie (of Bert and Ernie)

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