My Little Secret: The Not Quite Nigella Book, Published by Penguin Books!!!

My Little Secret: The Not Quite Nigella Book, Published by Penguin Books!!!

My Dearest Darlingest Readers. I have some news today that I am very excited to share with you. Drumroll please...

** I have recently signed a deal with Penguin Books and the Not Quite Nigella book will be published in 2012!!**

Sorry I was busy jumping up and down with happiness for a moment. Please allow me to compose myself straightens skirt and adjusts hat

The book will be a memoir about my experiences as a blogger and my life (and yes I know, you usually have to be older to have a memoir). I tell all about Mr NQN, my family and friends and our food adventures and the book will of course have some recipes. And whilst it is based on the blog, it will be all completely new content with all completely new recipes. Everything is 100% brand new (I can't stress that enough, trust me, it would have been much easier to put the blog into a book!) and since I've known about it for over a year, there are many chapters that have never made it to the blog-I've been saving those for the book ;).

I also write about the trials and joys of life as a blogger and how I swapped my life of that of an overworked, tired advertising media strategist into someone that truly loves what they do and has made it into a full time job earning a living writing, cooking and eating food and travelling the world!

So if I've been slack with answering emails or replying to people over the last few months I hope you'll forgive me as I've been furiously busy writing the book. It has made life extremely busy but it was such a pleasure to write it. I wrote anywhere I could at any opportunity I had - I wrote on planes, while sitting waiting for flights at transit lounges, in bed, in the car-you name it, the words flowed from my fingers as soon as they hit the keyboard. I'm thankful that the dreaded writer's block eluded me (for now-cross fingers!).

We're now working on the cover and the title and strapline and are now at the editing process. The people at Penguin are wonderful to work with and I adore my publisher and my literary agent as they make life very easy and delightful (which is really, what life should be like).

So tell me Dear Reader, is there is anything that you want to know about or think should be included in the book?

Yours in writing with lots of love,



P.S. Dear Readers, it looks like the book will come out in 2013 just in time for Mother's Day! Please see the update here. Thank you for your patience! x

My Little Secret: The Not Quite Nigella Book, Published by Penguin Books!!!
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