Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes!

Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

Nothing pleases a crowd more than a chocolate cake and if you're looking for a show-stopping spectacular chocolate cake, take a look at these 5 beauties! There's a 12 layer chocolate cake that is strictly for chocoholics, a hot chocolate cake with marshmallows and a Dream Tin Cake where you crack the top layer. There's also a "Magic" chocolate cake where you get two cakes in one and a "Smash"cake that you can smash just like a delicious, edible pinata!

1 - 12 Layer Chocolate Cake

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Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

This cake isn't for the faint hearted or those that are ambivalent about chocolate cakes. This chocolate layer cake has 10 layers of chocolate cake spread with a rich hot fudge Milo ganache icing and two layers of rich, dark chocolate mousse!

2 - Hot Chocolate Cake With Marshmallows

Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

This is one of my oldest chocolate cakes from 2011 (haha you can probably tell from the terrible pics). This rich chocolate cake incorporates cinnamon, cayenne pepper and black pepper (for heat aka hot chocolate get it? ;) ) with a chocolate icing and toasted marshmallows!

3 - Dream Tin Can Chocolate Cake

Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

This Tin Can Chocolate cake has a bottom layer of chocolate syrup cake, dark chocolate ganache, a layer of the richest chocolate custard, a crisp chocolate "crack" shell layer and a blanket of cocoa. It all started in the Philippines where it has become a very popular cake. The entire cake is baked in the serving tin! It's all sorts of amazing and you've got to try it at least once.

4 - "Magic" Chocolate Flan Cake

Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

So you've all heard of magic cakes where the topping separates from the base to produce two layered cakes? Well this is the classic one with a chocolate cake at the base and a flan or custard layer on top! It's SO delicious and who doesn't love getting two desserts in one?

5 - Chocolate "Smash" Cake

Top 5 Spectacular Chocolate Cakes

The chocolate Smash or Pinata Cake is one of the easiest cakes you can make. The fun is taking to the cake with a rubber mallet and finding what goodies lie inside it! Stuff it with your favourite lollies or chocolates and smash away!

So tell me Dear Reader, which chocolate cake would be your pick?

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