Bootsdarling, Darlinghurst

Boots Darling

As soon as I sit down and survey my surroundings, I realise that I've been pronouncing the cafe Bootsdarling completely wrong. I've been calling it "Boots daahling!" but give the saloon doors, country music and the country and western fit out I should have said it with a "Boots Darlin'" with a "country and western" twang.

Boots Darling

It's Monday lunchtime and I am meeting my friend and hairdresser Elly @maxbrennerswife for a quick spot of lunch. Over a cupcake making afternoon she asked me if I had been to this cafe as she is childhood friends with the owner. I hadn't been so a quick date was made. There are bar seats at the front near the counter and kitchen or there is more seating further in. "Look I'm wearing boots!" I say to Elly and she laughs and shows me her boots too. It is Winter after all...

Boots Darling

Service from our American waitress is excellent and she recommends us a few dishes. I start with one of the "Simon Says" smoothies while Elly goes for a coffee. There are five juices on the menu with three of them available today.

Boots Darling

Green juice 2 $9 I have gone for the Green Juice 2 swayed by the inclusion of tahini, figs and coconut water to the spinach and green apple. Although it is $9 it is delicious and large too. The coconut water softens the flavour of the spinach and the unhulled tahini and figs gives it body.

Boots Darling
Poached chicken on brioche $12

I have a mild (okay major) obsession with chicken sandwiches so I opt for one of the specials, a chicken, bacon, roast tomato, rocket and home made mayonnaise sandwich on a brioche bun that is really like a cross between a sandwich and burger as the brioche is served warm and toasted. The filling is soft and luscious with a nice balance of flavours and the airy light brioche bun from the Bread and Butter Project is delivered fresh daily.

Boots Darling
Slow cooked pork and pea hash with kale, poached egg and dijon $19

Both of us enjoy the pork and pea hash that is served with strands of slow cooked pork with kale for texture, crushed potatoes, a runny centered poached egg and a pot of dijon. It's full of flavour and comforting and doesn't even need the dijon at all.

Boots Darling
Croissant with jam and butter $7

There isn't much left in the way of sweets as the muffins are sold out but being sweet toothed and never quite feeling like a meal is done without a sweet ending, we go for a croissant with house made berry jam and butter. The jam is on the tart side making the most of the flavour of the berries and the flakey, crispy croissant is served warm. But a few more options for sweet treats would have been better considering how we enjoyed the savouries.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you drink vegetable juices or do you prefer straight fruit juices?

Boots Darling
This meal was independently paid for

Boots Darling

333 South Dowling Street, Darlinghurst
Tel: +61 (0)421 181 534
Open 7 days 6:30am-4pm

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