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Orto Trading Company

Is a hotdog ever okay for breakfast? I mean after all it's probably just the idea of having a hot dog for breakfast that is alarming. People routinely have sausages and eggs for breakfast but I find myself pondering this very dilemma one morning.

Orto Trading Company

I'm at Orto Trading Company on Waterloo in Surry Hills having a brunch meeting with Carrie. Around us other tables are also conducting brunch meetings, papers on their desks discussing budgets, forecasts and marketing. Meanwhile, we're discussing whether hot dogs for breakfast is a good idea or if it is a great idea to quickly get to Fatville.

The menu at Orto Trading Company has a few options to choose from that we're finding it hard to narrow down. We ask the waitress what to order. She's helpful enough although you do get the impression that she is a bit too cool for school.

Orto Trading Company
Chai $4.50

The chai is strong in clove and comes already sweetened. And yep this is the bit where I pour chai over the table completely missing the cup. I'm definitely not too cool for school...

Orto Trading Company
Pineapple, passion fruit, apple and lime $6.5

The juice was refreshing and I was glad to see that it wasn't packed with ice, in fact there wasn't any (I don't find icy drinks to be great value). The predominant flavour is passionfruit and it's a drink for those who like juices on the slightly tart side.

Orto Trading Company
ATB Avocado, Tomato + Basil on Sourdough $9 plus smoked salmon $4.50

A very sweet and friendly waitress replaces the other and she brings us our meals. Carrie's choice is an ATB or an avocado, tomato and basil on miche sourdough with an extra side of smoked salmon. It's a good sized brunch and simple but good, particularly with the salmon.

Orto Trading Company
Potato Hash, Berkshire Gypsy Ham, Fresh Tomato, Avocado, Lemon Dressed Rocket, Asparagus + a Poached Egg $16

Do you know the bit where you don't mean to eat everything on the plate but you do? Well that was me and this dish. On the bottom was a layer of lemon dressed rocket and on top of thing was a crunchy, bronzed large potato straw hash which was crunchy and stayed that way until the very last bite. There is also gypsy ham, tomato slices, avocado cubes and two slender spears of asparagus as well as a runny centered poached egg.

Alas, eating all of this meant that I had absolutely no room for dessert. There were two options for dessert, a muffin and a bread and butter pudding. See there's another question, is bread and butter pudding okay for breakfast? And off we go wondering aloud if it is while everyone talks business around us.

So tell me Dear Reader, would you eat a hot dog or bread and butter pudding for breakfast?

Orto Trading Company

38 Waterloo St, Surry Hills NSW 2010 Tel: +61 0431 212 453 Open 7 days 8am-3pm, Tuesday to Saturday also 6-12am

Orto Trading Company

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