Happy New Year! So What Stories Did You Like in 2015?


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How was your New Year's Eve everyone? (And I apologise in advance to any readers from overseas who have still to have theirs. I think we are one of the first countries to celebrate things so we jump the gun a little). 2015 was a fun filled year and I have you Dear Reader to thank for that. To think that you visit my little corner of the world, sometimes every day for some of you, makes my heart flutter madly. Every time I sit down to write, I think of you and I hope that it shows.

At the end of every year I do a little recap of the most popular stories. Usually I'm not tied up in figures or stats but it's nice to take a peek at what you guys liked. And you know what? It always surprises me without fail and gives you an air of mystery and that is awesome because you challenge me and I have to keep upping my game.

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I wanted to dedicate this round up to you Dear Reader. I got to meet a lot of you this year and last and in 2016 we will hopefully be doing some fun workshops where I will hopefully get to meet more of you and combine it with really fun things that you want to do. When I hear from lovely readers it quickly puts a massive smile on my face. Dear Reader Emma has been reading ever since the beginning of the blog which just amazes and thrills me.

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Ruby at NYE last night

"Dearest Lorraine, Thank you, again, for another year of your fabulous blog! Your decadent recipes, awesome travels around the world, and entertaining visits to various restaurants/cafes continue to the be the best blog writing. Just needed to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading Not Quite Nigella. Thank you so very much! Look forward to more ahead...wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

Your Southern California Fan, Emma Sato (currently in Japan spending holiday with my in-laws)"

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The canapes for NYE

So you see why I think of you always when I write because I feel like I know you and you feel very real to me! Anyway, are you curious to know what posts fellow readers liked? Without further ado here are the top 5 posts plus one surprise one that didn't fit any category!

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Blood Orange Sgroppino cocktails

So tell me Dear Reader, did 2015 go by really quickly for you? How was it for you? And were any of these your favourites? Is there anything you would like to see for 2016?

Lots of love and fairy dust for 2016!


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The Top 5 Recipes in 2015

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I always try and guess what will resonate with everyone but more often than not there's no way of guessing really! The magical apple flower tarts were so magical in their simplicity so I understood that but the Empire Biscuits were such a nice surprise. They caught my eye with their pretty simplicity as I was walking through Edinburgh with Vohn. And given how busy and fast 2015 went I guess I shouldn't be surprised that quick and easy recipes were so popular with the Thai Chicken & Mango curry (totally made up on the spot while playing around in the kitchen), a 3 Ingredient Blueberry Cheesecake and a 5 Minute Quiche in a Mug!

  1. The Most Magical Apple Flower Tarts & Cook With Me!
  1. Empire Biscuits - A Double Decker Shortbread & Raspberry Treat
  1. Thai Chicken & Mango Curry in 30 minutes!
  1. No Sweat Easy 3 Ingredient Blueberry Cheesecake!
  1. The 5 Minute Quiche in A Mug!

The Top 5 Eating Out Posts in 2015

You know what I adore about you? You love eating out as much as I do! Let's do it again together in 2016! Luckily Sydney and the world has no shortage of places to eat at and seeking the best in any genre seemed popular with you all!

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  1. Eating The Menu at Tim Ho Wan, Chatswood!
  1. 6 of Sydney's Most Fun Sweet Specialists That You Just Have To Try!
  1. Searching High and Low For The Best Pizza In Sydney!
  1. Five of Sydney's Most Talked About Sandwiches!
  1. Meet My Suburb: Parramatta

The Top 5 Travel Posts in 2015

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Well blow me over with a feather. The very top post of 2015 was not a recipe but this one story on Taiwanese street food! I'll be honest, my trip to Taiwan wasn't my favourite, not because the destination wasn't fantastic (it is wonderful with the nicest people) but on this media trip we were enormously restricted in what we could see and do and any attempts to pursue any angles were summarily quashed. So a journalist and friend Erin and I escaped from the group and went wild at the night markets eating everything we could.

I'm also so thrilled that a girl's weekend in the Blue Mountains did well as did the flight review of the longest flight in the world as well as a trip to Orange and a Staycation at the Shangri-La hotel! This makes me excited that people are still reading long form writing and don't just want listicles! Swoon! x :)

  1. 16 Of The Best Things You Must Eat at a Taiwanese Night Market!
  1. A Girls' Weekend Away In The Blue Mountains!
  1. Flight Review: How To Spend Time On The Longest Plane Trip in The World!
  1. Orange Is The New Black
  1. A Staycation at the Shangri-la Hotel, Sydney

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And lastly, there was a post that didn't fit any of these categories but was the second most popular blog post overall in 2015. One beautiful day I flew to Melbourne and got all of the behind the scenes gossip about a little known (sarcastic ;) ) television show called MasterChef Australia.

16 Things You Didn't Know About MasterChef from Behind The Scenes!

And if you're on Instagram, did you know that you can find out your nine most popular posts? Just visit this site and add your username (or anyone else's that you're curious about) and take a peek at the top nine! Mine were food (of course right?).

Here's to a wonderful 2016 and I hope you all have a truly sensational year!! xxx

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