A Year In Review Recap! What Did YOU Like Reading About in 2023?

2023 Year in Review Recap

Happy New Year beauties! I can't believe we made it together for another year. How was your 2023? Was it beautiful or beastly? Also which stories did you like reading about? Here I share what recipes you liked, what restaurants enjoyed reading about and where you liked to travel to!

2023 had some great moments and also some not so great ones (although I think that with time, we remember years with much more fondness, our memories and details smoothed over with the passage of time). For us this was the second year living in our house and the second year with lots of renovations (aka The Money Pit). Still, we aren't complaining too much because as the saying goes, we all have our health and we got to travel to some extraordinary places.

At the end of each year I love seeing which stories you like reading about - it helps me tailor stories to you and it's always a bit of a surprise. This year was no exception. I can sometimes guess what you will like but I can never be sure and you always surprise me (in the best way).

I also wanted to say a big thank you to my readers, some of whom have been reading since the beginning or for years, even the ones new to me. I am so grateful that you choose to spend time here with me. There was a change this year for the blog as I made the decision to change ad managers. Thank you for being so understanding of the new ad formats too. I know some people don't like changes but you were really so good about it. Having a new revenue stream has reinvigorated my enthusiasm for creating recipes, reviews and travel ten fold and I hope to keep bringing you delicious content for many years to come!

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Most Popular Recipes

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2023 Year in Review Recap

2023 was the year of gibanica here. It was the first time trying the Balkan pastry and it was not the last. It remains in firm rotation here because it's delicious and easy to make. The second and fourth most popular recipes were interesting as they were both coconut (as was the 6th, the Hawaiian butter mochi!). Perhaps you love coconut as much as I do? And if you had asked me to guess what else was in the top 5 I would not have guessed the spiral cucumber salad but if I think about it I understand as it is so delicious and fun!

  1. Gibanica Cheese Pie: An Irresistible Combination of Cheese and Filo!
  2. The Secret Behind Tom Cruise's Favourite Cake: Doan's Bakery Cruise Coconut Cake
  3. Gibanica with a Twist: The Balkan Pie With A Mouthwatering Ham & Cheese Filling!
  4. The DELICIOUS VIRAL Spiral Cucumber Salad!
  5. How To Make A Perfectly Custardy Impossible Coconut Pie - No Crust Required!

Most Popular Restaurant Reviews

2023 Year in Review Recap

Sometimes I try and make sense of the most popular posts but the favourite restaurants were a bit of everything. However last year the Portuguese club Casa do Benfica, Marrickville was in the top 5 too so it seems Portuguese food resonates with you. But you did seem to like brand new places too as 3 of the 5 places were brand new at the time of our visit!

  1. BSP’ERIA, Penshurst: A New Pizza Place with a Traditional Twist
  2. The Zungle, Parramatta
  3. Discover Marrickville's Best-Kept Secret: The Madeira Club
  4. Senpai Ramen, Burwood
  5. No-Frills Yum Cha at Feng You Dim Sim in Hurstville

Most Popular Travel Stories

2023 Year in Review Recap

I know that we're kindred spirits because you love the first class life (like me!) and the Qantas first class lounge story was the most popular travel story followed by the Qantas business class flight. I know a lot of you travel to Hawaii and Thailand so a lot of the top 10 was Hawaii and Thailand. But you also loved local with the Blue Mountains and Taronga Zoo's new offering and other destinations in NSW.

  1. A Taste Of The Qantas First Class Sydney Lounge
  2. Flying in Style: A Journey on the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
  3. A Blue Mountains Summer
  4. Life Is A Highway, O'ahu's Highway Eats
  5. Take A Walk On The Wild Side: The Wildlife Retreat At Taronga Zoo

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