2020 Year In Review! What Did YOU Like Reading About in 2020?

2020 blog year in review

Every new year I do a round up of the previous year's most popular stories. It's always interesting and while one can guess what might be popular, one can never be sure. And with such a topsy turvy year I was really interested to see which recipes, restaurant reviews and travel stories resonated with you!

Oh wow, where do I begin with 2020 Dear Reader? What started off as a promising year deteriorated into a spiral of horror. I mean how did we cram so much tragedy into one single year? I suspect if someone had scripted 2020, Hollywood would have said, "It sounds too over the top, tone it down a bit."

Among the horror there was beauty of course, and for every terrible person there are five good. And that's what I have to tell myself that every day. Here's to a better 2021!

I would also like to thank you to all of you that sent me lovely messages, comments and DMs. In a year especially like this, I've clung onto them like a lifeline. I love the community that we have here and I hope my little corner has brought you comfort and happiness.

Lots of love and a very Happy New Year (fingers crossed!)!



Top 5 Recipes of 2020

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2020 blog year in review

  1. The LIGHTEST Vanilla Slice EVER!
  2. How To Make Dalgona Coffee!
  3. Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks!
  4. Chewy And Crunchy Anzac Biscuits!
  5. A Simple French Apple Cake

If 2020 was anything, it was the year of the carb (and no surprise, we needed all the comfort food we could get!). I was also very, very excited to see my vanilla slice at the top because I worked on that recipe for so long (and hopefully nobody steals my recipe!) and the top 10 was rounded out with crumpets, potatoes, focaccia and scones!

Top 5 Restaurant Reviews of 2020

2020 blog year in review

  1. Watch Your Grammar! Gram Pancakes, Chatswood
  2. Pepito's Marrickville
  3. Paste Australia arrives in Mittagong!
  4. A Filipino Food Tour of Rooty Hill!
  5. Food In The Time Of COVID-19 - 7 Places That Deliver Delicious Food To Your Door!

The top list of restaurants shows either a) you love travelling around Sydney as much as I do for food or b) that you live all over Sydney because there was no one particular area that featured in the top restaurant review posts! And you liked everything from fluffy pancakes, Peruvian, Thai fine dining and Filipino and of course, places that delivered food during the time of COVID!

Top 5 Travel Stories of 2020

2020 blog year in review

  1. Day Trip - Bilpin, Blue Mountains
  2. A Mid Winter's Visit To Kiama, 2020
  3. Blue Mountains Winter Wonderland
  4. Escape To Pebbly Beach, South Coast NSW
  5. Marramarra Lodge, Fisherman's Point, Berowra Waters

Well what a year for travel! And by that I mean what a year for staying in your very own state and travelling within it. Not surprisingly, the stories about places to travel to within NSW did well but just outside the top 5 a story about the top Northern Irish foods to try was the overseas outlier in a list of all of the NSW trips!

So tell me Dear Reader, which stories did you like the most? And were any of the top 5 your favourites? And plmk what sorts of things you'd like to read about in 2021!

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