2022 Year In Review! What Did YOU Like Reading About This Year?

2022 Year In Review food trends

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to a brand new year!! So how would we describe 2022? Was it a great year? Was it a challenging one? How about a bit from both columns (and hey at least it wasn't 2020 or 2021!). So what did you like reading about? Which recipes did you like making and which restaurants piqued your interest? Read my my Dear Reader!

2022 was a really busy year for me. We made a big house move - that was a challenge along with the subsequent renovations (let's just say I'm glad that they're over although we got off lightly compared to others). 2022 was the year we adopted Milo, the sweet little chocolate toy poodle and now little brother to Teddy Elliott. It was also the year that my whole family moved to Singapore. We managed to do a few international trips and lots of trips within Australia and of course ate out (mostly in restaurants with outdoor seating). I also made a lot of food with a bonkers oven that barely worked. Apropos to that, it was also the year that I got a new oven and kitchen. All of this was with the spectre of COVID still looming over us wondering when it will end.

Can you believe that this blog has been going since 2007? That's 15 years Dear Reader and some of you have been reading from the very beginning! And every time I see one of you leave me a comment, send me a like or a follow it still puts a big smile on my face. And sometimes you send me an email just at the right time too. Thank you so much for being here on the journey with me. I hope I can show you lots of fun, new things in 2023 (and beyond)!

Anyway let's have a look at what was popular in 2022!

So tell me Dear Reader, which stories did you enjoy the most?

Lots of love,



Top 5 Recipes of 2022

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2022 Year In Review food trends

2022 is the year of comforting savoury classics! I'm SO happy that you all loved my pumpkin soup as much as I did. It's different from other thick pumpkin soups but it's so satisfying and I make litres of this whenever I get a pumpkin in my vege box. You also loved the creamy dijon chicken tray bake because chicken tray bakes are the best one "pot" meals. But you also loved the baked potato soup (not surprising considering how chilly a year it was!). Other favourites were the easiest mandarin blender syrup cake and the restaurant quality chicken chow mein with crispy noodles (a personal favourite to eat for me!).

1 - The BEST Pumpkin Soup (Yes Really!!)

2 - DIVINE & EASY Creamy Chicken Dijon Tray Bake!

3 - CREAMY Baked Potato Soup!

4 - DIVINE Mandarin Blender Syrup Cake!

5 - RESTAURANT QUALITY Chicken Chow Mein With Crispy Noodles!

Top 5 Restaurants of 2022

2022 Year In Review food trends

I LOVE seeing which restaurants you really liked and it was varied. First was the new Botswana Butchery in Sydney, after that it was a tour I did in conjunction with Chatswood Council with their best and most iconic desserts. Following this was the Portuguese club in Marrickville and then hipster bakery A.P. Bakery and their Surry Hills location. Rounding out the top 5 was Taste of Shunde for that epic seafood feast!

1 - Botswana Butchery, Sydney

2 - Chatswood’s Best and Most Iconic Desserts!

3 - Casa do Benfica, Marrickville

4 - A.P. Bakery, Surry Hills

5 - Taste of Shunde, Hurstville

Top 5 Travel Stories of 2022

2022 Year In Review food trends

1 - A Tiny House Stay!

2 - 6 Places To Get Great Takeaway On The Central Coast!

3 - Autumn In The Blue Mountains

4 - Maitland, Morpeth and the Hunter Valley

5 - Turtle Island, Fiji

Now this was an interesting one because I personally was fascinated to see what a tiny house stay was like and it sounded like you were too! But you were also keen to see places within Australia too. The rest of the top 10 features airline and lounge reviews - I think we all miss travelling so much! I know that with time the Hawaii stories will be right up there because they went up in November and had less time to be distributed and the rest of the top 5 was made up of overseas travel that happened in the second half of the year.

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