2021 The Year In Review! What Did YOU Like Reading About This Year?


2021 Not Quite Nigella Most Popular Stories

This year I've received so many lovely emails, DMs and comments from you saying thank you for keeping the blog going. But truthfully my loves we've clung to each other and I've gotten just as much from being busy with a purpose and talking with you all here than you have from me. It means so much having this group of Dear Readers who support me and encourage me to create these recipes, recommend restaurants and travel (well we didn't do so much of that this year) . It has helped me so much during this tumultuous year.

In January there will be one slight change just for a month. Because we are going away for a holiday and moving in January I am just moving the blog to Monday to Friday so that I will have the weekend off. This is definitely temporary and will allow me time to move house and enjoy a holiday. I'll still be reading and writing to you 5 days a week and there will be lots of delicious recipes and reviews I promise. And there will also be some new podcast episodes coming after that too (thank you for your incredibly lovely messages about Your Cake Dealer!).

Massive thanks and hugs for your heartfelt comments and for reading and sharing the blog with your loved ones. And to the people that sent me personal emails, I thank you too (you know who you are). They always seemed to come at a time this year where the rollercoaster was on its way down and just a few simple words can buoy one up so much.

So tell me Dear Reader, which stories did you enjoy the most?

Lots of love,



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Top 5 Recipes of 2021

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2021 Not Quite Nigella Most Popular Stories

What can I say but I think many of us tried the Uunifeta pasta and watched Squid Game at some stage in 2021. The surprise is the top 5 quince recipes because who knew that we were fascinated by this ancient fruit. And it seems that many of you just yearned for that classic apple slice!

  1. A TikTok Baked Feta Pasta Upgrade!
  2. DIVINE Greek Lamb & Lemon Potatoes
  3. Top 5 Quince Recipes!
  4. How To Make Dalgona Candy from Squid Game!
  5. A CLASSIC Bakery Apple Slice!

Top 5 Restaurants of 2021

2021 Not Quite Nigella Most Popular Stories

The new Crown Hotel was big news in Sydney and it was good to see that you were just as curious as we were. Also I know some of you thought that the dog friendly Cafe Lost & Found was too good to be true (sadly it was and it switched to not dog friendly after customer complaints). You also loved Japanese omakase, some crazy fun Chinese hot pot and Korean fried chicken!

  1. A Stay and Play At The New Crown Sydney!
  1. Cafe Lost and Found, North Sydney
  1. Haco Omakase, Sydney
  1. Haidilao Hot Pot, Chatswood
  1. Chi Koko, Hurstville

Top 5 Travel Stories of 2021

2021 Not Quite Nigella Most Popular Stories

Well truthfully there wasn't a huge amount of travel with less than 20 travel stories written compared to other years where there were over 100 but you did love dreaming about travel even if you couldn't do it. And the Murray Region itinerary, Central Coast suggestions and a week in Brunswick Heads and Byron Bay was right up there!

  1. A DREAMY Road Trip Across The Murray River Region!
  1. The Box On The Water, Ettalong
  1. A Week in Brunswick Heads & Byron Bay!
  1. Where To Eat On The Central Coast 2021
  1. Woy Woy Fishermen's Wharf, Central Coast