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Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

How are you? Are you excited about a new start in 2018? I hope 2017 treated you kindly? 2017 was a full on year for me. Not Quite Nigella turned 10 and I have you Dear Reader to thank for that. I was lucky enough to have met so many of you just out and about this year. I'll say this time and time again, I have the loveliest, most polite, warm and gorgeous readers. I think that's what happens with food and travel people, we're happy people. Thank you for spending time with me - it truly means the world to me. When I'm having a stressful day I just turn to you and your lovely comments and emails. It's the most wonderful balm for a rough day.

2017 was a busy year in which I travelled more than I ever have. I'm not sure what 2018 holds but I think my near death experience in Peru has made me more open to possibilities and adventures. I've decided that life truly is too short to have petty squabbles and quibbles with people and that life is to be grabbed with both arms open wide. I feel so lucky to be alive and that I have so many ideas and things to do that it gave me a renewed sense of vigour. I cannot wait for 2018 to start!

Anyway, listen to me go on...I've babbled on for too long. So without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular lists for recipes, restaurants and travel in 2017!

So tell me Dear Reader, did you have a favourite blog post and why? Is it on this list? And how was 2017 for you?

Lots of love and unicorns for 2018!

Lorraine xxx

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I must admit I breathed a sigh of relief that the ultra healthy recipe trend seems to have abated and that people are returning to a more balanced way of eating. The top story was the humble but utterly delicious zucchini slice, the recipe given to me by a reader who became a friend called Jaqi. I also love that you all were curious enough to read how to make an authentic bolognese sauce (and perhaps also to make it :)). And don't worry Dear Reader, I hear you loud and clear that you like easy chicken recipes with three out of the top 10 being easy chicken recipes!

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Jaqi's Zucchini Slice

  1. The Incredible Very Edible Zucchini Slice!
  2. Ever Wanted To Make Authentic Bolognese From Bologna?
  3. The Cream of The Crop: My Mother's Chinese XO Sauce
  4. Balls Balls Balls! Ricotta & Spinach Balls in Tomato!
  5. "You're My Unicorn" Rainbow Cake!
  6. Do The Adobo! Easy Chicken Adobo
  7. My Mother's Shandong Chicken
  8. Lena, the Incredible Baumkuchen Tree Cake
  9. The Sponge Cake Challenge: Sophia The Castella Cake
  10. A 5 Minute Prep Meal - Caprese Chicken Tray Bake!

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Unicorn Rainbow Cake


There was a real mix of popular posts in the restaurant category and of course I know so many of you love the epic food challenges. I've been a bit slack on these this year as they do take a lot out of you but I promise next year there will be more. Poke was the dish that took Sydney by storm in 2017 and I'm glad because it is delicious and suits our appetite and lifestyle well.

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

The quest to find Sydney's best poke

  1. Poke Me! The Challenge to Find The Best Poke in Sydney!
  2. A Tale Behind Saga, Enmore
  3. Don't Go Breaking My Tart! Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart
  4. Chin Chin Comes To Sydney!
  5. Chowing Down At Queen Chow, Enmore
  6. Sushi Donuts: A Hole Lot of Fun!
  7. Table For Ten at David Jones' New Food Hall & The Science of Store Design
  8. The OzHarvest Supermarket Where You Pay What You Want!
  9. The Bustling Bistro Rex, Potts Point
  10. A Tale Of Two Restaurants: Park House, Mona Vale & Pazar, Canterbury

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

The OzHarvest pop up supermarket


This is the section that was the most serendipitous for me. Three of the top 10 travel stories were sponsored posts (Newcastle at #1 and two Olympus posts at #5 and #10). This means a lot to me because that means that you are cool with sponsored content (which I need to do to keep the blog afloat and free to access) and hopefully I'm doing it in a way that doesn't seem overly sales pitchy and that it remains authentic. There was definitely a trend towards travel in Australia, particularly day trips within NSW which was a change from previous years!

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Newcastle's new culture with Destination NSW

  1. The Ultimate Food Lovers Guide to Cool Newcastle!
  2. 10 Amazing Reasons to Visit Orange
  3. 16 Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Hotels From A Hotel Insider!
  4. Three Of The Best Of Blue Mountains Cafes
  5. Ten Secrets & Tips For Amazing Travel & Portrait Photographs From The Experts!
  6. An Absolutely Dreamy Weekend in Huskisson and Jervis Bay
  7. Flight Review: Qantas Business Class Sydney To Santiago
  8. 13 Delicious Things to Eat in San Francisco!
  9. So Frenchy, So Chic: A Look Inside The Brand New Sofitel Darling Harbour!
  10. Queenstown Eats & How To Take Great Food Pics While Travelling!

Most Popular Blog Posts 2017

Searching for the best food and learning about food photography in Queenstown with Olympus

And I leave you with this little video that another food writer friend and I shot while in New Caledonia where we tried some of the fun snack foods available there!