Australia's First Avocado Pop Up Eatery Opens in Surry Hills!

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills

Australia's first avocado pop up eatery just opened up two days ago. It's a novel idea by an industry body (Avocadoes Australia) to promote a single product. At Good Fat on Crown Street in Surry Hills, there are an enormous 22 avocado items from drinks to desserts!

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills

I overhear a man talking about avocadoes, "Millenials f^^%ing love them," he said. I'm pretty sure he was a millenial too. This spurs on conversation about housing affordability for millenials. And by no coincidence, the prices here are actually quite reasonable with most items under $20. Prices were deliberately kept low so that avocadoes wouldn't be seen as a out of reach item. There are plans to open up similar cafes in other cities depending on the success of this one.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
The Smooth Avocado $8

There are two drinks as well as coffee and teas and non avocado soft drinks. The smooth avocado is a shake with avocado, banana, mango, mint natural yogurt and milk. It tastes quite healthy and isn't on the sweet side but that might be your thing (it isn't really mine though).

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
Avo Bowl-a-rama $10

The chef that designed all the items is Liam Crawley. If you thought eating a smoothie out of a bowl with a spoon was odd, try eating it out of an avocado shell! I have to say that the avo bowl-a-rama is very cute and pretty damn good. It has just the right amount of sweetness with a blend of acai, banana, blueberry and avocado. On top there are slices of mango and avocado with crunch from granola and hemp seeds. Mr NQN wolfs this down.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
ABC Bites $10

I'm going to say that the ABC (Avocado, Bacon and Chicken) Bites were one of my favourite items. The balls are a blend of avocado, chicken, bacon, potato and mozzarella all crumbed and deep fried and served with Sriracha aioli on the side.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
The Good Fat Burger $15 plus bacon $3 and avo fries $4

I had dreams of the avocado burger being the burger where the bun is replaced by avocado (a few friends had also asked if it was too). The bad news is that it is not but the food news is that the burger is tasty. It's a regular milk bun with chermoula spiced chicken fillet, sweet potato crisps, chunky avocado salsa and sour cream dressing. Ours doesn't come with the bacon that we ordered but this is quickly rectified and it really is best with the bacon added to it. There is also a side of avocado fries. You can order the fries separately where they come with a preserved lemon mayonnaise but here they don't come with the sauce and they really do need a dipping sauce. In this case we dipped them in the Sriracha aioli from the ABC bites and spread a little of it on the burger and it was perfect like that.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
Steak Bernie-Avo Style $20

I wasn't as taken with the steak, mainly because it was cooked well done and I just don't enjoy steak when it is cooked that way as it really changes everything about it. I think this would have been a much better dish with a medium rare steak as the steak was a tad chewy against the soft avocado. This also comes with avocado fries-two and a half to be precise.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
Avoconetto $6

There are a few avocado desserts on offer although the avocado chocolate mousse was sold out. But the one item that everyone seems to be talking about is the Avoconetto. It's a creamy avocado ice cream served in a cone with pumpkin shortbread cream dabs, crushed praline drizzled with salted caramel and shaved chocolate. And you know what? It's deliciously moreish not to mention photogenic.

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills

If the crowds are anything to go by, it will be very popular but you do have to get in before the 30th of November when it closes!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you feel about avocado? Have you ever tried it in a dessert? And do you think millenials have a special thing for avocado?

Avocado Restaurant Sydney Good Fat Surry Hills
This meal was independently paid for.

Good Fat

355 Crown St, Surry Hills, NSW Open 2nd November to 30th November 7:00am - 9:00pm Monday to Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm Sundays

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