Top 5 Cheese Breads!

Top 5 Cheese Breads

Two of the most delicious food groups combine into one to make cheese bread and it is amazing how this simple food can be so different! These 5 cheese breads will have your mouth watering. From a riff on a bacon and cheese roll, a bread boat filled with melty cheese and an egg, to an easy 4 ingredient pullapart loaf, stuffed Turkish pide and an oozy cheesy mozzarella and garlic loaf, there's a cheese bread to suit all tastes and skill levels!

1 - Cheese & Bacon Scrolls

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Top 5 Cheese Breads

You know those cheese and bacon scrolls at the supermarket with the thick layer of cheese and diced bacon? Make your own but even better with cheese, bacon and spring onion. These scrolls are crispy on the bottom, soft and fluffy on the inside. And you can't stop at just one.

2 - Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Bread

Top 5 Cheese Breads

While we can't travel overseas, take a trip to Georgia (in Europe) for this Khachapuri Georgian Cheese Bread. It's a boat-shaped fluffy bread filled with gorgeous melty cheese and a egg on top. It's served with pats of butter and you tear off some bread and dip it into the runny yolk and melted cheese and use the bread to scoop up the delicious filling!

3 - Vegemite Pullapart Loaf

Top 5 Cheese Breads

This amazing Hedgehog Loaf requires no baking at all, just a store bought loaf, cheese, butter, Vegemite and a knife! It's also interactive and fun so great if you have friends or kids that enjoy sharing.

4 - Turkish Pide

Top 5 Cheese Breads

This recipe although a few years old is having a bit of a resurgence as someone rediscovers it and shares it with their friends and then I get a whole lot of messages saying how good it is! Making your own Turkish Pide bread is a cinch and you just stuff it with whatever takes your fancy.

5 - Mozzarella Garlic Bread

Top 5 Cheese Breads

I'm sort of in love with this bread. So much so that I think I ate half the loaf in the first sitting (in my defence I had soup so it was a dipping situation). Inside the soft, pillowy loaf are balls of oozy mozzarella with garlic butter! Heaven on earth!

So tell me Dear Reader, which cheese bread did you like the sound of best? Have you made any of these recipes?

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