Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites!

Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

Love your favourite Chinese takeaway place but want to master making the dishes at home? These Chinese restaurant classics are easy to make and taste just like your favourite local Chinese restaurant! There's the tenderest sweet and sour pork, warming chicken & corn soup, crunchy spring rolls or beef in black bean sauce! Plus the secret to how to velveting chicken and beef so that it melts in the mouth!

1 - How to Velvet Beef and chicken

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Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

This is a method and a recipe in one. Do you know how chicken and beef in Chinese restaurants has a soft, melting texture? That's due to "velveting" the chicken or beef! And in this recipe and post I show you how to do it with recipes for Beef & Broccoli and Chicken and Snow Peas!

2 - Spring Rolls

Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

Who doesn't love spring rolls? These spring rolls are crunchy and full of delicious filling. This is a secret family recipe and one of my favourites!

3 - Chicken and Corn Soup

Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

Who doesn't love to start a meal with a bowl of Chinese chicken and corn soup? This one is replete with chicken and corn and silky egg threads!

4 - Sweet & Sour Pork

Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

I have to admit that I'm slightly addicted to really good sweet and sour pork (and there are so many bad versions out there too). The home made version is so tasty with good quality pork and a well balanced sauce!

5 - Beef In Black Bean Sauce

Top 5 Chinese Restaurant Favourites

Need a speedy meal done and dusted in less than 30 minutes? My last recipe for Beef in black bean sauce is the best comfort food and one of the most popular recipes on the blog!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a Chinese restaurant favourite? Is there something that you'd like to make at home?

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