Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes!

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

It's all happening at the beginning of the year! It's almost Valentines Day but before that is Chinese New Year on the 12th of February 2021. Make sure that you have good luck for the rest of the year with these Chinese New Year recipes!

1 - The Best Spring Rolls

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

I'm starting with a classic here. Spring rolls are good all year round and they're perfect for Chinese New Year. These crunchy spring rolls are so delicious-they have a tasty filling beyond just cabbage and pork and can be baked or deep fried!

2 - Red Cooked Pork Belly

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

This red cooked pork belly is something special. You've probably eaten it at restaurants but you can also make at home! Cubes of pork belly have so much flavour from the aromates and the result is a meltingly textured pork!

3 - Yee Sang Salad

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

Yee Sang is one of the mainstays at a Chinese New Year dinner! It's a noodle and sashimi salad that everyone helps to toss at the table. The higher the toss, the better the luck apparently!

4 - Chinese New Year Menu

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

If you're in the mood for a multi course Chinese New Year menu then give this one a try! It has a recipe for Glistening Chinese Orange Duck (pictured above), Steamed Egg Custard, Shanghai Tofu & Noodles and Chinese New Year Cake!

5 - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Top 5 Chinese New Year Recipes

Did you know that pineapple cake is considered lucky in Chinese culture as pineapples are golden aka the colour of gold? This pineapple upside down cake was inspired by one of my favourite ever cakes eaten in Hawaii and produces a stunning looking cake!

So tell me Dear Reader, will you be eating anything special for Chinese New Year?

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