Top 5 Pizza Recipes!

Top 5 Pizza Recipes

Hands up who LOVES pizza? Well pizza isn't just pizza! It can be a stromboli, a Chicago deep dish pizza, a pizza cone, a healthy spelt base pizza or of course your classic pizza!

1 - Classic Pizza

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Top 5 Pizza Recipes

I'm starting with the classic because nothing quite beats a classic pizza. This is a recipe I worked on for so long trying to get it juuuust right! The crust ferments for 3 days so that you get the most wonderful restaurant-style pizza crust!

2 - Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

Top 5 Pizza Recipes

Pizza purists may question the Chicago Deep Dish pizza but they'd be missing out. This pizza really does define the words "Pizza Pie". As the name suggests it is deep, around an inch thick and so full of cheese, sauce and sausage!

3 - Pizza Cones

Top 5 Pizza Recipes

These adorable little pizza cones are the prefect party food! They can be eaten in one hand with no drips! Easier still, you can make them using bought pizza dough!

4 - Spelt Superfood Healthy Pizza

Top 5 Pizza Recipes

We're still eating healthy right? Nothing wrong with that! And this spelt pizza is topped with Persian feta, fresh sun kissed tomatoes, avocado slices and herbs and a delicious seedy crust!

5 - Stromboli

Top 5 Pizza Recipes

Ever heard of a stromboli? I saved the most luscious pizza version for last. You've got to eat a stromboli at least once in your life. Unfortunately they're not that easy to come by outside of North America. This stromboli is a candy striped, multi layered pizza roll that melts in the mouth with three types of cheese and two types of salami and triple smoked ham!

So tell me Dear Reader, which version of pizza appeals to you the most? Have you made any of these recipes?

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