Top 5 Spinach Pies!


Top 5 Spinach Pies

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1 - Jenny's Spanikopita Recipe

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Top 5 Spinach Pies

Everyone loves Spanikopita! It is such a classic Greek dish made with home made flaky, crisp pastry filled with cheese and spinach. The logs of pastry are then rolled up, coiled and then baked until golden brown.

2 -Spinach and Cheese Gozleme

Top 5 Spinach Pies

Hands up who misses food festivals? Get your gozleme fix at home! This spinach and cheese gozleme is delicious and an absolute crowd pleaser. Bring extra lemon ;)

3 -Rice & Spinach Pie

Top 5 Spinach Pies

I made this pie recently out of ingredients that I had and I was so chuffed to see so many of you made it and loved it which shows me that you love spinach pies as much as I do! Make this pie with bought puff or filo pastry if you're short on time. Just make it!

4 -Spinach, Feta & Halloumi Pie

Top 5 Spinach Pies

This spinach, feta and halloumi pie is packed with plenty of spinach, grated halloumi, crumbled feta and a hint of nutmeg it has a crisp wholemeal shortcrust base and a buttery puff pastry top!

5 -Torta Pasqualina

Top 5 Spinach Pies

Sure Torta Pasqualina is a pie traditionally served during Easter in Italy but it's fantastic any time of the year. Filled with cheese, spinach and eggs it's a meal in one and perfect for lunch or dinner (or even breakfast!).

So tell me Dear Reader, do you eat much spinach? How do you usually eat it?