Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes!

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

Spinach is in season and is abundant and cheap (or proliferating if you're growing it!). Today I've got 5 easy recipes for spinach and baby spinach. This versatile vegetable can be made into a cheese and spinach pie, Japanese spinach salad or paired with sausage and pasta. I'm also sharing recipe for the beloved spinach gozleme and creamed spinach!

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1 - Creamed Spinach & Parsley

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

Creamed spinach and parsley are the ultimate comfort food and it is such a wonderful and easy side dish that takes only 5 minutes prep! Pair it with meats and mashed potato for the biggest hug in a bowl.

2 - Easy Spanakopita

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

This isn't an authentic spanakopita but nevertheless it is an extremely tasty cheese and spinach pie. Whenever I make it Mr NQN asks for it again and again to the point of mania!

3 - Japanese Gomaae Spinach Salad

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

This is that wonderful spinach salad that you get at Japanese restaurants! I love making this recipe when I have an abundance of spinach. One bunch wilts down to almost nothing so it's almost only worth making when you have a few bunches of spinach.

4 - Italian Sausage and Spinach Pasta

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

You are literally 10 minutes away from a delicious pasta dish so ditch that takeaway and make this Italian sausage and spinach pasta! It is the perfect weeknight meal.

5 - Spinach & Feta Gozleme

Top 5 Easy Spinach Recipes

Who doesn't love gozleme when you go market shopping? This spinach and feta gozleme uses baby spinach and feta with a homemade gozleme dough. And don't worry the dough is a really easy one to work with and doesn't stick too much!

So tell me Dear Reader, what do you like to make with spinach?

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