Edomae Sushi Yokocho Takeaway, Sydney CBD


Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

It was time for a weekend picnic with friends and for a change instead of cooking something we thought we'd bring some sushi along. I went online and ordered sushi from Edomae Sushi Yokocho and scheduled a pick up time for that afternoon from their Regent Place location (there's also a store in Burwood). I find it hard to know how much sushi to order so I ordered $100 worth and I wasn't sure if it would be too much or too little, especially as Mr NQN is such a fiend for sushi. We drive straight to Sydney Park with our sushi order to meet Monica and Marco who had brought along two boxes of a collaboration of pastries and cakes from The Fold and Cream.

Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

Chirashi Don $16.90

I'll start with my favourite item the chirashi don with diced and sliced raw tuna, kingfish and salmon along with tamago egg omelette, cucumber and pickled ginger with shredded nori on top. The pickled ginger brings all of these flavours together and adds a touch of sweetness to the bowl. I'm not sure if the topping got slightly moved around while I was transporting it so it looks quite messy but it is tasty.

Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

I ordered 32 individual nigiris and most of the nigiri is about $3.80 for 2 pieces and you can also get trios of salmon, aburi (torched) and tuna for $6. As expected we really liked the aburi trios - the salmon and the scallop aburi nigiri was especially good. The ox tongue is also delicious and melts in the mouth.

Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

The negi toro maki sushi slightly fell apart so these weren't as enjoyable to eat as the nigiri.

Edomae Sushi Yokocho, Sydney CBD

Boneless Beef Short Rib Don $10.00

The boneless beef short rib was not what I was expecting. I thought that the beef short rib would be a bit more luscious but while it wasn't tough it was not as tender as I was hoping for. There's a nice sauce on it though which seeps through to the rice below. With the pastries and cakes it's more than enough food for four too! We pack up the picnic once the winds start to get too much. With restrictions lifting it will be nice to enjoy a meal without worrying too much about the weather too!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you getting a bit tired of picnics? Do you usually buy or make food for a picnic?

This meal was independently paid for.

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