Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

Originals Burger Co is a burger joint set in a light industrial area of Brookvale. Popular with nearby workers and tradies they dish up well priced and tasty burgers, fries, wings and shakes. All perfect to take to a nearby beach to eat.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

Originals Burger Co. had been on my to try list for years. The only thing is that I just don't get to the Northern Beaches that often and if I do it's to see my healthy eating vegan in laws. But after a hard day of packing and moving house we were ready to pick up Teddy from Mr NQN's mother's. She lives near Brookvale and we decided to swing past to satisfy our growling tummies.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

I decided to pre-order the burgers so that we could pick them up without waiting and the website says that there is a wait time of 30 minutes so I place my order when we are 30 minutes away. Dear Reader I have this thing about fries. I have to have them hot. Usually I'll wait for a fresh batch to come out of the fryer. Other times like this, I pen a little essay asking them to please give me hot fries and why. I finish selecting my items and then I hit send and I get a message that my order has gone through and then another message saying that it hasn't. I try calling but nobody picks up so I figure I will order when I get there.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

"Is this your order?" the guy behind the counter says lifting a bag with an enormous receipt on it. I spy my essay regarding the fries taking up most of the receipt. They had received it and I take my paper bag and shake with me.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale
Lemon Meringue Pie Shake $8.99

Mr NQN isn't a big fan of lemon flavoured anything but he does like this lemon meringue pie shake. It has lemon flavouring and isn't quite like one of those shakes where they blend up actual pie in it but it's a good consistency and he finishes it quickly.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale
OBC Tradies Lunch Box $25.50 with upgrades

There are some package deals and I went for the Tradie's lunchbox with Cheeseburger, 4 maple BBQ wings and fries but upgraded the burger to a chilli burger and the fries to cheese fries. This is where I went slightly unstuck with the fries. Because they had received the order but prepared it earlier I think these fries would have been great but they're a bit mummified in the melted cheese.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale
Chilli burger

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale

The chilli burger is a clear favourite for both of us. It's a free-range grass fed beef, cheese, iceberg lettuce, pickles, OBC hot sauce and pickled jalapeno. The doubling up of the hot sauce and jalapenos doesn't make this overly hot and it's saucy, delicious and drippy. The chicken wings are a little dry and they're very small wings but the sauce is tasty.

Originals Burger Co. Brookvale
Chicken Burger $15.99

The chicken burger is a buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese, iceberg lettuce, BBQ sauce, OBC blue cheese sauce. I thought that the blue cheese sauce might be more prominent in flavour and I was hoping it would be but this is a less bold choice than the chilli beef burger. It's pleasant but for both of us the chilli beef burger wins every time. And next time I'll wait til I get there to order fries.

So tell me Dear Reader, are you fussy with your fries? Do you leave long instructions on orders?

This meal was independently paid for.

Originals Burger Co.

1/34 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100

Phone: (02) 9905 0909

Monday to Thursday 11am–2pm, 5–7:30pm

Friday & Saturday 11am–9pm

Sunday 11am–4pm

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