The Fruitologist, Rozelle

The Fruitologist, Rozelle

It was a sticky, hot summer's day when Mr NQN and I took a drive to The Fruitologist in Rozelle for acai and smoothie bowls, smoothies and juices. It is both a fruit shop and cafe where the produce gleams and is perfectly displayed. One of the main drawcards is the outdoor cafe and its range of bowls and smoothies.

The Fruitologist, Rozelle

It all started with our daily walk with Teddy. "Why don't we try Callan Park?" I suggested, remembering the dog friendly park in Rozelle. I asked my friend and Balmain local Chris who recommended The Fruitologist which was a few minutes away from Callan Park. The day was hot and we were lured by the promise of fruit smoothies and pitaya bowls to take along on our walk. There are branches of The Fruitologist in Rozelle and Bondi. On the menu are coffees, teas, raw smoothies, fruit and vegetable juices, kombucha on tap, fruit salads, smoothie bowls and raw cakes. There are no savoury items on offer and it's a sweet and fruit based menu.

The Fruitologist, Rozelle

After scouring the menu online I know what I want to order and end up ordering two takeaway smoothie bowls and two drinks. The total for the four items is $44 which is reasonable given that smoothie and acai bowls are usually around the $20 range.

The Fruitologist, Rozelle

The Fruitologist, Rozelle
Coco Blu Magik Smoothie $10 and Fruit Juice large $8

You can order your favourite juice combo with up to 6 ingredients. I don't know about you Dear Reader but I have a favourite juice combo that I swear by. It's beetroot, carrot and pear and I love it because it's refreshing but also sweet but mostly based on vegetables. If you're looking for an intro to vege juices or find them a bit too green you have to try this combination. The Blue Magic Smoothie is a coconut flavoured smoothie made with coconut flesh, coconut water, Zebra dream coconut ice cream, banana and pineapple juice. This is a very mild flavoured, lightly sweetened creamy textured smoothie. I still prefer my juice combo though ;)

The Fruitologist, Rozelle
Acai Bowl #1 $13

The acai bowl has acai, banana, strawberries and crunchy granola. It's not overly sweet but Mr NQN loves the soft serve style texture rather than the less frozen acai bowls which are like smoothies eaten with a spoon. The soft serve texture is also more cooling for hot days like this.

The Fruitologist, Rozelle
Pink Pitaya Bowl $13

My favourite is the pink pitaya bowl with pink pitaya or dragonfruit, banana, strawberries and granola as it's a little bit sweeter and has frozen mango throughout the pink dragonfruit. This has a bit more sweetness than the acai bowl and even ravenous, fruit loving Mr NQN has trouble finishing the large serve.

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite juice combo? Do you like acai or pitaya bowls?

This meal was independently paid for.

The Fruitologist

Union Place, 2 Nagurra Pl, Rozelle NSW 2039

Monday to Friday7am–8pm

Saturday & Sunday 7am–7pm

Phone: (02) 9555 1612

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