Top 5 Fennel Recipes!


Top 5 Fennel Recipes

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1 - Burrata with Fennel Jam

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Top 5 Fennel Recipes

This is hands down one of my favourite ways to serve fennel. It was heavily inspired by the burrata with fennel jam at Nomad and is so glorious served with toasted bread!

2 - Fennel Tarte Tatin

Top 5 Fennel Recipes

This fennel tarte tatin looks complicated but honestly it isn't. This fennel and feta tarte tatin has slow roasted fennel, garlic and onion and is the laziest (but delicious) tarte tatin you will make!

3 - Shaved Fennel and Orange Salad

Top 5 Fennel Recipes

Winter...salad? Am I crazy? Ok so sometimes you just need a crunchy, fresh salad on days where it is warmer than not or you want to balance a rich meal. Try this beautiful shaved fennel and orange salad!

4 - Fennel Frond Pesto

Top 5 Fennel Recipes

Don't discard those fronds! Fennel frond pesto is a great no waste recipe that uses up all of the fronds!

5 - Quick Fennel Pickle

Top 5 Fennel Recipes

Quick pickles or fridge pickles are a quick way of using up fresh vegetables that is also perfect for a small amount of vegetables; you only need one bulb's worth of fennel for this pickled fennel. This pickling method doesn't require any boiling and lasts for a month in the fridge!

So tell me Dear Reader, are you a fennel fan? How do you cook fennel?