Yang Tz Chinese Restaurant, Eastwood

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

Yang Tz Chinese Korean restaurant is located up a nondescript entrance on Ethel street (opposite Hana Market) in Eastwood. There are a few must order dishes: the sweet and sour fried chicken like a cross between KFC and sweet and sour pork and the bean sauce noodles, a bowl with a waterfall of long noodles in an inky black sauce - with scissors provided!

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

Our visit to Yang Tz River restaurant was prompted by a picture of noodles that Monica sent through to me. I am helpless to resist noodles. The longer the better and the saucier the better.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

If only we could find the restaurant. After trying to find a park for 20 minutes we finally realise that there is nearby shopping centre parking that we can use. Monica rings them and asks for directions there as we walk around in circles, hunger sapping our patience.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

We find it. Yang Tz restaurant is located on the first floor of the building and we take a seat by the window. It's quite full this Thursday lunch and we have an idea what we want. It's the noodles of course. For good measure we add a few other things and the woman expresses a little concern at our large order. "It's ok, we'll take away what we can't eat," Monica says. "If I had a dollar for everyone that told me that..." she says.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

They bring our plates to the table along with some pickled radish and onion with an intense sweet and salty sauce to dip the onion in. Along with chopsticks and spoons there is also a soup ladle and a pair of scissors.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood
Fried Beef and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce $30

The first dish to arrive is the deep fried beef strips with vegetables. It's an interesting range of vegetables from purple cabbage, cucumber, black fungus and carrot and the sauce is sweet and they recommend that we dip it into the chilli speckled sauce provided made from soy, vinegar and chilli powder to balance the sweet sauce.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood
Fried Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Sauce $28

We both love the fried chicken with sweet and spicy sauce although Monica and I have both such high chilli tolerances that whenever something is described as spicy, it will inevitably not be spicy enough. It's like a sweet and sour sauce except without the sour part. At the base there is chilli and fried greens. The chicken pieces are tender and lightly battered although I think we'd both like more chilli heat to this. When I take some home and add chilli it is delicious.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood
Noodles with Soy Bean Sauce $13

Jajangmyeon are Korean Chinese noodles made with a bean sauce. There are three types of Jajangmyeon here: a regular one with pork mince, one with seafood and one that's large enough for two people where the noodles are chopped. We settle for the regular sized one which is quite sizeable nevertheless. There are super long noodles with a minced pork, zucchini and onion and a glistening, thick dark soy bean based sauce. They need a tad more seasoning added to them but they do have a moreish slippery texture and yes you may need to avail yourself of the scissors to break these up or you may be twisting these with no end in sight.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood
Diced seafood and vegetables spicy noodle soup $17

We also order their seafood and vegetable spicy noodle soup. It's not bad although out of the four dishes we ordered, the fried chicken and the soy bean noodles are definitely the pick. The noodles for this get soft quickly because of the amount of soup so you do need to eat these relatively quickly.

Yang Tz Chinese Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

"Hey do you want to know how to say I love you in Korean?" Monica says and she demonstrates with her fingers. They put down the takeaway containers for us and two bags. It's like they know about our modus operandi already. We'll both take these home to our other halves and Mr NQN happily devours these.

So tell me Dear Reader, did you know how to say I Love You in Korean with your fingers? How often do they tell you that you've over ordered?

This meal was independently paid for.

Yang Tz River Chinese Restaurant

25 Railway Parade, Eastwood NSW 2122 Open 7 days 11:30am–8:40pm Phone: (02) 9874 6557

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