Top 5 Recipes for Leftover Rice!

Leftover Rice Recipes

Got leftover rice and don’t know what to do with it? Here are five delicious recipes to transform your rice into mouthwatering dishes. There's a classic fried rice, Korean gimbab, rice pudding pancakes, retro Anglo-Indian kedgeree and a viral TikTok Salmon Bowl. These recipes are perfect for any meal. Discover clever, new ways to eat leftover rice and never let rice go to waste again!

1 - Classic Fried Rice

Leftover Rice Recipes

My mother makes a fantastic fried rice and her secret is simple: use day-old steamed rice that has gone cold and firm in the fridge. She also adds a generous amount of lup cheong, a Chinese pork sausage as well as egg, peas and carrots. Give this classic fried rice a try!

2 - Gimbab

Leftover Rice Recipes

I make gimbab for lunch a lot and sometimes I just heat up some leftover rice to make it especially if I want to make myself a quick lunch. Gimbab is a Korean dish featuring rice wrapped in dried seaweed sheets, resembling Japanese futomaki sushi rolls but distinctly different. Unlike sushi, which uses vinegared rice, gimbab is seasoned with sesame oil and filled with cooked ingredients like seasoned, thinly sliced beef. If you love sushi, you'll definitely love gimbab!

3 - Rice Pudding Pancakes

Leftover Rice Recipes

These rice pudding pancakes are such a clever way to use up leftover rice. These pancakes have a subtle, comforting flavor with hints of nutmeg and vanilla and the rice adds a nice texture too!

4 - Kedgeree

Leftover Rice Recipes

This retro Anglo-Indian breakfast dish Kedgeree is perfect for the cooler weather. Ideal for weekends or using up leftover cooked rice and boiled eggs, it features rice spiced with curry powder mixed with smoked fish and topped with quartered boiled eggs.

5 - TikTok Salmon Bowl

Leftover Rice Recipes

This TikTok's Salmon Bowl is a delicious, simple and versatile recipe perfect for lunch or dinner. It combines leftover rice and salmon with avocado and seasonings, served with crispy Korean seaweed for a quick and tasty meal!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you use up leftover rice? Which recipe do you like the sound of the best?

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