Picnic At Home

Picnic at home

So it was the APEC long weekend and since it is now Springtime we thought it would be ideal to go for a picnic. Not so when the weather refuses to behave. So we did what anyone that fears the elements does when there are intermittent showers, we had the picnic indoors!

I made something that when I first tried when I was in London, a chicken stuffing sandwich. Yes just the stuffing, no chicken and yes its damn good. I hear your gasps of disgust but stay with me. All you do is take a panini roll or bread and slice horizontally (I really like the long and fat Bake at Home Panini rolls) and lightly toast the inside. Then butter inside, spread some tangy caeser dressing and avocado on both sides and top with broken up chicken stuffing. Sounds gruesome? Yes I admit it does, but you have to try it!

Chicken stuffing toasted panini

What next.... I had some cold BBQ chicken and avocado and some soft 9 grain bread so of course it was the traditional chicken and avocado sandwich with salt and white pepper only thankyou!


Then I constructed a salad made up of baby spinach leaves, reggiano, avocado, sun dried tomatoes, olives and crisped proscuitto and dressed that with a creamy caesar dressing.

BBQ chicken and avocado on 9 grain bread

To round off our indoor picnic I added some organic Medjool dates, Jindi chive & garlic cheddar cheese and mini papaya & coconut muffins

And yes we unfurled the tartan picnic blanket to add to the "picnic" atmosphere!

Picnic at home!

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