Top 5 Picnic Sweets!


Top 5 Picnic Sweets

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1 - Blood Orange Friands

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Top 5 Picnic Sweets

It's blood orange season and these friands are perfect for picnics. They tick all the boxes for picnic food: they're seasonal, delicious, easy to make, can be kept at room temperature and are already portioned!

2 - Key Lime Pavlova Mini Pies

Top 5 Picnic Sweets

I love these key lime pies for picnics because you can easily make individual pies or tarts or even mini ones. While you can cut a whole pie up, it's easier to bring individual serves so that you dispense with the sharp knives and serve finger food.

3 - Malteser Slice

Top 5 Picnic Sweets

I love this slice because it has Maltesers in it (I LOVE the flavour of malt!) and is sweet and delicious. But it's also great for picnics because it doesn't need any refrigeration and is fine kept at room temperature. If you love sweet slices and malt flavours then you have to try this!

4 - Rose Pear Tart

Top 5 Picnic Sweets

Spring comes at the tail end of Winter which is when pears are abundant. These rose pear tarts are super pretty and great to bring along to a picnic if you want to impress people. The two tone colour is courtesy of cooking the pears in red wine and there's a delicious frangipane filling underneath!

5 - Raspberry Coconut Ice

Top 5 Picnic Sweets

Coconut Ice is a nostalgic retro sweet from childhood and this is a this raspberry version of coconut ice! Like the Malteser slice I love this as it needs no refrigeration and it is highly shareable. Just cut this into small cubes and snack away!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite picnic sweet?