Pink Kit Kats are back!

Kit Kat Pink

October is nearing and we are reminded of National breast Cancer month when pink items start popping up on shelves. I must admit that my favourite supermarket chocolate bar is the Kit Kat. I only like certain ones though being the Chunky Cookie Dough and the Temptations Cafe Latte. The other ones don't really do much for me


Kit Kat Pink Chunky

Of course having a slavish addiction to the colour pink means that I am obliged to try the two new pink Kit Kats: one regular and one chunky ($1.69 at most supermarkets).

Kit Kat Pink

They're not quite as pretty close up and you can see the strawberry wafer peeking through the top. Of course its a little fake in flavour but what else would you expect I suppose but the faux strawberry taste/smell is a bit overpowering in the regular one. The chunky one has a better chocolate to strawberry wafer ratio as there is a thicker layer of chocolate to counter the faux strawberry.

Kit Kat Pink Chunky

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