Puffy Cookie Puff, World Square

Puffy Cookie Puff World Square

Arriving hurriedly at Puffy in World Square at 8.45pm on a Monday night we didn't hold much hope of getting our hands on one of these very famous and popular custard puffs. Indeed, the lone staff member did look as she was about to close but we were in luck. They had some vanilla puffs left! My favourite flavour-surely it was meant to be.

Puffy Cookie Puff World Square

To say that I have low expectations is sadly true. I had a less-than-lovely experience buying the puffs from Barbys where they gave me two wrong flavours, one being the love-it-or-hate-it Durian (I'm with the hate).

Inspecting the vanilla puff, I see that there's a large hole in the top from where they fill it (first pic of the puff above). Is it supposed to be _that large _a hole I wonder?

Puffy Cookie Puff World Square

I cut open the puff am a tad disappointed, there's no vanilla bean specks but the custard oozes appealingly and its filled about 3/4 full. I take a bite and this puff is very good, crispy with crumbly biscuit topping but with a plain vanilla custard which could be a bit more exciting. It actually tastes a lot like the custard you find in supermarket by the carton. Nevertheless, it soft and sweet and has a melt in the mouth loveliness even at the end of the day when a lot of baked goods lose their mojo.

Vanilla custard puff $1.60 each or 6 for $9

P.S. Although these could do with some real vanilla bean and a little more filling, I find myself craving these badly for the next few days!


Shop 9/644 World Square Shopping Centre

Lower Ground Floor

Cnr George, Liverpool, Pitt & Goulburn Streets, Sydney

Open until 9pm

Puffy Cookie Puff World Square

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