Bite Me Burger Co. at Paddington

Bite Me Burger Company Paddington

It's a cold, wintry night that brings us to Bite Me Burger Company, and one in which we're pressed for time having spent the half half hour looking for a park in Paddington. Ever since the Wagyu burger at Plan B, I've been trying to find other Wagyu burgers to try. Call it my latest obsession. So with only 45 minutes to order, eat and go, we enter Bite Me Burger, a small, red lit small Burger place on Oxford Street in Paddington with a neon red Coca Cola type sign. It's bustlingly full, there is a football game on at the stadium nearby and we explain our impending movie dilemma to the staff. They suggest that we pre-order our meals as it can sometimes take up to 20 minutes for the burgers during a busy period and by then a table should be free.

Bite Me Burger Company Paddington

Sure enough, we're seated within about 5 minutes and help ourselves to water. There is a large communal table as well as two high tables at the front. We're seated at one of the front tables but not the very front. Once when we sat there everyone stopped and watched what we ate which made us feel like monkeys in a zoo exhibit.

Bite Me Burger Company Paddington

Everything is visual merchanised to within an inch of itself, the fork and knife come in a sleeve that says "Hold Me". The ketchup is in a tomato squeezy and of course the salt and pepper co-ordinate.

Bite Me Burger Company Paddington Onion rings
Onion Rings $4.50

The onion rings are the first to arrive, they come in an adorable shopping trolley along with a honey mustard sauce in a shot glass (not pictured). The batter is thicker than I've had before and something more like a calamari ring batter in texture rather than batter. Unfortunately they are stone cold, not just slightly cold but stone cold. Oh dear, I had read about this happening on other websites.

Bite Me Burger Company Paddington
Wagyu truffle burger $17

Our Wagyu truffle burger arrives with grilled Portobello mushrooms, caramelised onions and rocket. The toothpick on top urges us to "Eat Me" and we are happy to oblige. But before we do, we do the obligatory cross section food porn photo.

Bite Me Burger Co. at Paddington
Food porn cross section of Wagyu truffle burger

There isn't much in the way of the truffle scent or flavour in the burger and the bun is quite cold. The patty is more finely ground than the Plan B one and whilst it has the unmistakable grill flavour to it, it could really be any sort of beef patty. The portobello mushroom and caramelised onion is a fairly nice accompaniment but the bun isn't anything special. The burger is good when spread with the Honey mustard Dijonnaise although if I am to compare the two, Plan B's wins, both on flavour and price.

Bite Me Burger Company 2 bites
Mini bites with chips, Left Bloody Mary mini, Centre chips and Right Pluck Me Chicken burger $11.50

Our mini bites with chips arrives, with the chips of course in the shopping trolley. We ordered a Bloody Mary and a Pluck Me chicken burger. The mini burgers are a pretty good size, about a third of the size of a regular burger and as I am a miniature food fetishist, I am glad I ordered this.

Bite Me Burger Company fries


The chips are fresh, crispy and good. And thankfully they are hot!

Bite Me Burger Company Bloody Mary

Mini Bite Bloody Mary burger[


The mini Bloody Mary is a Terra Rossa beef burger flavoured with vodka, horseradish, onion, tomato & parsley, smothered in a secret recipe Bloody Mary sauce (including vodka, Worchestershire, Tabasco & tomato) served with cos lettuce. My husband particularly likes this burger although I am less enamoured. I can't taste the horseradish or Tabasco but I can taste the Worchestershire sauce and it is a little dry.

Bite Me Burger Company
Mini Bite Pluck Me burger

The Pluck me burger, Grilled corn-fed chicken breast topped with melted King Island Brie, iceberg lettuce & Dijon mustard (although you're supposed to get your choice of this or cranberry sauce) is lovely and fresh, the bun toasted and warm and the Dijonnaise mild and creamy. It's reminiscent me of an Oporto burger with it's juicy texture and soft chicken fillet and whilst this may disturb some, that's not necessarily a bad thing as I do love Oporto burgers. I eat this little burger slowly to savour it.

We look around and suddenly the communal table is empty bar 2 people. It seems that everyone has left for the game. We do similarly and bypass the Pat & Stick's ice cream sandwiches, after all it's freezing outside, and leave for our movie, with minutes to spare.

Bite Me Burger Company


Tel: +61 2 9331 1916

Open 7 days, BYO.

Lunch: Midday to 3pm

Dinner: 6pm to late


Bite Me Burger Company Paddington

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