Plan B by Bécasse

Plan B by Becasse

Would you believe me, Dear Reader, when I told you that the humble sausage roll had broken the $7 price barrier? You might be even more surprised when I tell you that at $7 it was worth every lip smackin', finger lickin', slowly savoured bite. The sausage roll in question is from Justin North's "Plan B", the tiny hole in the wall cafe next to Bécasse. I was put onto it by Y from Lemonpi who had visited earlier and told me about their fantastic Wagyu burger and $7 sausage roll. The most expensive sausage roll I'd had was the sausage roll at Bourke Street Bakery and even that was hardly what you'd call expensive at $4, and a lovely sausage roll it was. But I wasn't too fussed about trying this one as it was almost double the price. I had no idea that Plan B existed, so tiny hole in the wall it was, I even dined at Bécasse right next to it without knowing of its existence and that it has been there for as long as the restaurant has, for 3 whole years.

Plan B by Becasse Cakes
Cake selection $3.50-$4 each

There are 3 tables outside that seat 2 people each, so it's definitely more of a takeaway your lunch back to the office and read blogs during your lunch-hour kind of place. Apparently the new logo'd umbrellas call out its existence a bit better to passing trade. It's small but it is stylishly outfitted of course. You'd expect no less from Becasse. I've rung ahead to pick up my lunch as we're stopping through the city. I ordered a Wagyu burger (made with 600 day grain fed Wagyu beef) and a sandwich with pork and apple. The crisp pork belly, hoisin sauce and spring onion was out unfortunately so I made do with the pork and apple although I did toss up between that and the coronation chicken. I'd decide on a cake when I got there and I could see them up close.

Plan B by Becasse sandwiches
Sandwich selection, $8 each

My wagyu burger was lost, apparently there was a miscommunication between the cafe and kitchen and my burger was just put on the grill when I arrived to collect it. Two suits who are standing up inside having finished their burgers get up to leave. I see the range of prepacked sandwiches and a plate of cakes and biscuits as well as designer drinks (I don't think they even had Coke). The cakes look particularly good. The menu on the website seems to have changed slightly for the seasons. Whilst they had a caramelised mango tart, now it's caramelised apple.

My burger is still running late and a man comes in from an outside table asking for a paper napkin. He happily declares "I'm covered in crumbs but it was all worth it, that was the best sausage roll ever! Worth every crumb!" and wipes the imaginary crumbs off himself and exits. I need no more convincing and I add a sausage roll to the order. I also buy a caramelised apple tart and a candied lemon and vanilla cookie for good measure. I get a coffee takeaway and it is fantastically good, one of the best coffees I've ever had (if not the best). It eventually all comes together in a brown handled paper bag and the lovely girl behind the counter apologises profusely for the delay.

Plan B by Becasse Wagyu burger
Wagyu burger made with 600 day grain fed Wagyu $10

The smell is driving us crazy it's so good so we unpack our goodies and dive right in after the obligatory photos. The Wagyu burger has got to be the prettiest burger ever, with the burnished glossy bread bun with sesame seeds, the thick patty, melted cheese and mixed salad (although the salad is wilted by now) coming together perfectly.

Plan B by Becasse wagyu burger
Food porn worthy cross section shot

The Wagyu is beautifully seasoned, not just a plain patty and not as finely ground as a regular burger which shows that there is a whole lot of meat, not breadcrumbs or filler involved in making the patty. The bun is sweet like a brioche which and perfect looking in every way-it looks as if someone styled those sesame seeds. Burger perfection it is indeed. Give me more!!

Plan B by Becasse sausage roll
Sausage roll $7

The sausage roll is next, it looks like a regular sausage roll and comes with a sweet slightly tangy tomato relish. There are pieces of smoky bacon and minced pork inside and the pastry is beautifully flakey and buttery.

Plan B by Becasse Sausage roll
Food porn worthy cross section shot showing smokey bacon and pork mince interior

For someone who wasn't quite sold on the $7 per sausage roll proposition, this has me buying stocks in the idea it's so good. I take extra small bites so that I prolong the juicy pork and smoky bacon bites. My husband won't give up his half of this no matter how hard I try.

Plan B by Becasse Pork apple sandwich
Pork and Apple sandwich $8

I try the pork and apple sandwich. It's on a soft, spongy holey bread. The apple is delicious with the pork but I am getting rather full from my half of the burger and sausage roll so I give this to my husband who devours it quickly. Whilst it was good, very good in fact, I preferred the Wagyu burger and sausage roll.

Plan B by Becasse Caramelised apple tart
Caramelised Apple Tart $3.50

Onto the sweets, the caramelised apple tart is fantastic. For tarte tatin lovers this is plump with caramelised apples on top with a thin crispy layer of pastry underneath. It's gorgeously fruity and plump.

Plan B by Becasse Lemon vanilla cookie
Candied Lemon and Vanilla cookies $3.50

The Candied lemon and vanilla cookie resembles a tart but is an unmistakebly buttery cookie crust with delicious sweet lemon slices in the centre. For a lemon lover like me, this is sheer heaven.

I contemplate getting a job in the city centre to be closer...

Plan B by Bécasse

204 Clarence Street Sydney

Tel +61 (02) 9283 3450

Open Monday to Friday 8am-4pm

Cash only

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