13B, Darlinghurst

13b burton street darlinghurst

There could probably be reams of paper wasted on how hopeless I am at following directions. Even though the eatery 13B has the very street number in the lane, I was the person looking around confused and scowling with a facial expression that reads "Where is that damn place?".

13b burton street darlinghurst

I finally figure out where I am and enter the black walled and small eatery with some quirky, whimsical touches. The lunch menu has a total of 14 items including some version of pizzas and sandwiches which do sound awfully good. But me I'm just besotted by the current slider and mini burger trend and the fact that the burgers come with fries (which I feel all burgers really should). Formerly called The Safe House it has been renamed to 13B because of course that is the number where it sits on Burton Street in Darlinghurst (not that that helps me). There are black walls and ornate gold candlesticks and the atmosphere is welcoming and warm.

13b burton street darlinghurst
Chai $6

The chai tea comes in a teapot with a milky loose leaf Elmstock chai tea. I had to ask for the honey which was quickly furnished and a teaspoon was all I needed for a sweet, aromatic cup of milky chai.

13b burton street darlinghurst
Mini burgers $13

The burgers come out on toasted slightly hard buns with a herbed pork and veal mince which is moist and juicy like a sausage mince filling with a good amount of garlickly aioli sauce, caramelised onions for sweetness, tomato, lettuce and melted tasty cheese. They're very good and even though I only meant to eat one of these I ate both quite happily. The only thing that I would possibly change is the buns to be a softer bun as they were a little harder to bite into. The chips are more oven baked wedges which have just the right amount of seasoning via some rosemary and salt on top.

13b burton street darlinghurst
Prawn risotto $18

It's not often that you can say that the saffron content of a dish is very strong. Indeed most chefs use it quite sparingly and a little goes quite far of the distinctive metallic honey tasting flavour. But if you take a look at the vivid colour of the risotto you can see that the saffron in this packs quite a punch. I tried some of the risotto which was strong in saffron with the garlic, white wine and parmesan playing a back seat to the aromatic spice.

13b burton street darlinghurst
Rare roast beef salad $16

I try a little of the rare roast beef salad and the beef tenderloin has a lovely texture to it and is appealingly cooked pink in the centre and sliced as strips.  There are salad leaves, red onion, shredded carrot and a tangy and sweet vinaigrette dressing on top.

There's no time for dessert today and besides which I have tow slider burgers and chips rumbling around in my tummy. Still, it's good to be able to slot an eatery into the $20 or less category, a category that is getting rarer and rarer these days!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you try and eat a light lunch and more at dinner or the other way around?

13b burton street darlinghurst


13b Burton Street, Darlinghurst, NSW

Tel: +61 (02) 9356 8718

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