Gruesome Human Candy Teeth {+Tutorial For Making Silicon Molds!}

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

Making delicious marzipan human teeth or molars for a quirky Halloween snack is a fun, rewarding project. In today's post I show you how to make your very own silicon mold to cast your own teeth so they are easy to shape. Then we paint and glaze them to look as realistic as possible!

A friend tagged me on some edible teeth on Instagram and ever since then I had them in my mind to make. But shaping teeth can be hard so I online to try and buy a mold. Unfortunately the tooth mold that I purchased was a giant tooth (I get confused easily with measurements it seems) with a smiling face on it and it was entirely unsuitable for my gruesome purposes. The woman at a cake decorating shop suggested that I try my hand at using Pinkysil, a DIY silicon mold making kit which is easy to use.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

It's the time of the year when my parents get inundated with a range of weird requests eg. Could I store my voodoo dolls in your freezer? Or in the case this past week I asked my mother, could you ask your dentist for human molars?

My parents no longer flinch or ask questions-it has happened so much over the last 10 years and to my surprise within a couple of days they gave me a bag of sterilised human teeth. They were perfect. I bought the Pinkysil from Barnes in Newtown and the friendly lady at the store went through it with me. I needed to make a 2 parter silicon mold.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

I'm not amazing at arts and crafts, in fact I'm pretty bad at them but I watched a lot of videos on how to cast silicon molds before I started it, so much so that I kept playing through how to make molds in my dreams and while working out. I was amazed at how easy it was (and now I have all sorts of plans to make other silicon molds!).

And then of course came my next request of my parents-a pair of pliers or dental equipment!

So tell me Dear Readers, are you good at arts and crafts? Have you ever tried making your own silicon molds? Would you snack on these little candy molars?

Gruesome Human Candy Teeth

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An Original Recipe by Lorraine Elliott

To make mold

  • 1 set Pinkysil (you'll only need half of the bottles)
  • 6 human molars
  • Small container to use as a larger mold
  • Small disposable shot glasses
  • Large clear disposable cups
  • Paddle pop sticks/tongue depressors
  • Vaseline
  • Small brushes

  • 100g/3.5ozs. marzipan

  • Brown gel food colouring
  • Flesh tone edible powder
  • 1 teaspoon glucose or corn syrup mixed with 1 teaspoon vodka

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

Step 1 - Pinkysil is not technically food safe but we are not cooking with it or heating it up or using hot food. I wouldn't recommend using it if you do need to heat it up.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Checking that the silicon is properly mixed

Step 2 - Pinkysil needs to be used in 1:1 quantities so using small, clear shot glasses helps to measure it. Separately measure around half the shot glass in both white and pink and then pour both into the larger cup. Stir well with the stick-make sure to check the corners and get all of the colour mixed up well (otherwise it won't set properly).

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

Step 3 - Pour into the mold (it's best to pour the Pinkysil in one place to make a thin base. Prick the air bubbles with a toothpick or sharp knife. After 10 minutes or so, place the teeth on the base and do not move them once they're in.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Placing the teeth on the base of silicone

Step 4 - Mix up some more Pinkysil, this time not quite half the shot glass. You will then be filling the mold halfway up the teeth to create the first half of your two part silicon mold. Pour around the teeth making sure to get any crevices until you have reached halfway up the tooth. Allow to set (around 20 minutes).

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Pouring silicone halfway up teeth

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Brushing with vaseline

Step 5 - Brush all silicon surfaces with Vaseline (silicon sticks to itself) making sure to get all the crevices and to the edge/corners but don't leave any blobs of Vaseline as the silicon will mold around that. Mix up a larger batch of Pinkysil (around the whole shot glass) and mix and then pour over the Vaseline layer. Allow to set completely. Remove it from the container and gently prise the mold apart. You may need to trim some of it with a knife or scissors. You now have your mold! Wash it well with warm, soapy water.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Prising mold apart

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
The mold!

Step 6 - Warm up a walnut sized ball of marzipan up in your hands. I'd recommend using a good rolling marzipan (I used a brand called Blackwood Lane and it was quite dry and not great for this). Pinch off a very small amount and press it into the mold. Use a sharp paring knife to cut off any excess. By the time you've done a few you will know how much to pinch off so you press in the right amount of marzipan.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Pressing the marzipan into the mold

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Then trimming to make neater

Step 7 - Join the two halves together-if your marzipan is moist then they will stick together with gentle pressure. Otherwise you can stick them together with the glucose/vodka mixture above. Repeat until you have as many teeth as you need. Allow to dry for a few hours or overnight.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

Step 8 - Using a fine paintbrush, brush in some of the brown food gel in the top of the molars to look like plaque. Then take another brush and shade in some of the roots of the teeth near where they would sit in the gums.

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Painting tooth decay

Step 9 - Then for the final touch, brush with the glucose/vodka solution to make them shiny. You may need to do 2 coats of this to get it to become shiny!

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan
Painting discoloration

Human teeth silicon mold marzipan

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