Zero to Gyro At Eat Grk Beverly Hills

Eat Grk Beverly Hills

It wasn't intentional but on the sad day of Luke Perry's passing we were headed towards Beverly Hills. Not 90210, but South Sydney's version of the same name. Apart from an appointment I had, we were looking for somewhere quick to eat. And that's how we ended up at Eat Grk on King Georges Road.

Eat Grk Beverly Hills

Sometimes I get overwhelmed when I see some menus. Usually restaurant menus are well laid out and have clear options but the menu at Eat Grk makes it hard to choose things with all of the deals, sets and options.

Eat Grk Beverly Hills

And even when I've reached the front of the line I have no idea what I want to order. In my flustered state somehow we ended up with three lots of chips where one would have done us just fine.

Eat Grk Beverly Hills
Feta fries $5.50 + Chilitziki, Taramasalata and Creamy feta $3 each

There is an outdoor covered section to eat in and we take a number and our drinks and have a seat. First to come out are the feta fries. The fries have a generous shaving of feta and oregano on top although oddly, I prefer the unadorned chips that are nicely seasoned. On the sides are the three dips that we ordered: a chilli tzatziki, taramasalata and a creamy feta. The chilli tzatziki is my favourite packing a satisfying punch of chilli followed by the taramasalata.

Eat Grk Beverly Hills
Mix Plate $35

The set meal comes out. There is 200g of lamb or pork carved off the rotisserie, 1 chicken souvlaki, 1 pork loukaniko sausage, 1 pork Cypriot sheftalia sausage, 1 sliced pita bread, a small tub of tzatziki, small chips, GRK salad & can of drink or water. The meat is a tad on the dry side especially the rotisserie meat although the sausages are nice enough. I think that's what you need the dipping sauces for. And I wish they had asked us if we wanted to upgrade to halloumi chips (an option for ordering online) because the chips weren't touched as we had so many portions of them.

Eat Grk Beverly Hills
Classic Greek wrap meal $14.90 + $2 for kombucha

We also ordered a classic Greek wrap meal. There is sliced lamb, onion, tzatiki, and chips tucked into a soft pita and comes out on a wooden board with more chips. I think we both preferred this to the meat plate as there is a good balance of flavours and the meat isn't as dry. Alas we run out of time but there are loukomades on the menu for dessert!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you get confused and overwhelmed at takeaway menus or ones with a lot of choice? Were you a Luke Perry fan? Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210?

This meal was independently paid for.

Eat Grk

437- 441 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills NSW 2209
Tel: 02 9579 6880

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