Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries!


Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

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1 - Microwave Potato Chips

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Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

My weakness is potato chips. I can't have them around me so I never do. But did you know that you can easily "bake" potato chips at home in the microwave? You just need a little oil and you can make potato chips in the microwave that taste just like Thins!

2 - Sweet Potato Fries

Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

Sweet potatoes are softer than potatoes so they can be harder to crisp up. But thanks to an easy ingredient, you'll end up with crunchy, moreish sweet potato fries!

3 - Baked Root Vegetable Chips

Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

It's not just potato and sweet potato that can be made into chips. Think lotus root and beetroot too! You'll be amazed at how crisp these vegetables become!

4 - Avocado Fries

Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

Avocadoes are plentiful and inexpensive at the moment so take advantage of that and make avocado chips. While shop bought one can be deep fried, these baked ones are still delicious with a wonderful crunch!

5 - Kale Chips

Top 5 Healthy Chips or Fries

Remember when everyone was kale mad? I still think the best way to eat kale is as kale chips. They're fast to make and super tasty seasoned with just plain salt!

So tell me Dear Reader, what are your favourite chips made out of? And which of these recipes would you try first?