Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks!


Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

These recipes have no sugar added are naturally sweetened, some are gluten and grain free and vegan!

One. Lime & Coconut Truffles   

Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

I've had so many messages about these truffles. These are my favourite "healthy" bliss ball and not just because I love lime and coconut. It's because they taste like they're a lime cheesecake and what's not to love about that?

Two. 100% fruit soft serve 

Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

Did you know that bananas once frozen and blended up do two things? 1. they become very creamy in texture and 2. the banana flavour becomes more subtle. This is an all fruit low sugar banana ice cream that creates a creamy textured soft serve ice cream in a matter of minutes with no added sugar at all. You can pair the banana with other fruit too!

Three. "Nice" Chocolate Chip Cookies

Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

These "nice" cookies are gluten free and vegan and yet come together to make a tasty chocolate chip cookie. Made with almond meal, dark chocolate, a little honey and coconut oil and vanilla they're perfect to use up any Easter chocolate!

Four: Watermelon Pizza 

Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

This is a fun way to serve watermelon to kids because what kid doesn't love pizza? Top a slice of watermelon with whatever fruit you have in your crisper to make a fun sweet pizza!

Five: Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella Balls 

Top 5 Healthy Sweet Snacks

If you're like me and have a fruit bowl full of ripe bananas and want to make something quicker than banana bread give these chocolate hazelnut balls a try! They taste like Nutella but are made with bananas, hazelnuts, dates, cocoa and a little honey!

So tell me Dear Reader, which one do you like the sound of the best? Have you had a good Easter weekend?