Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

Loafing around this weekend? These easy loaf breads require nothing more than a bit of stirring together to arrive at a delicious sweet or savoury bread! There's the most gorgeous stained glass fruit loaf, a savoury cheese and onion beer bread, a moist pumpkin and walnut bread, an incredible licorice bread (that will change your mind about licorice) to of course the very best banana bread EVER!

1 - Date & Fruit Bread Of Your Dreams

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Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

I ate this fruit bread for breakfast at Amilla in The Maldives and it was so amazing I asked them for the recipe. This dense and rich fruit bread is studded with so much fruit it feels as decadent and bejewelled as a Christmas time fruit cake! Yet it's simplicity itself.

2 - No Knead Cheese & Onion Beer Bread

Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

Here's a savoury choice because sometimes you want to eat savoury. This no knead cheese and onion beer bread was inspired by cheese and onion chips and is a wonderful crowd pleaser.

3 - Moist Pumpkin & Walnut Bread

Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

This pumpkin and walnut bread has a gorgeously moist texture and freezes well. It is full of pumpkin and spices and can be made in one bowl! Easy peasy :)

4 - Amazing Licorice Bread

Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

This licorice bread is life changing. Seriously. I don't generally like licorice but this has made me like the stuff. Once I tried this bread I could not stop thinking about it. This liquorice bread recipe is from the fantastic Kickaboom cafe in Glenbrook in the Blue Mountains.

5 - The BEST Banana Bread

Top 5 Easy Loaf Breads

This is the ONLY banana bread recipe you will ever need pinky swear! All you need is two ripe bananas for the most wonderfully moist and luscious banana bread that keeps fresh for days thanks to an ingenious baking method. I also share all my best banana bread baking tips!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you have a favourite loaf bread? Have you made any of these?

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