Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas!

Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

With so many people entertaining at home nowadays let me share with you some dinner party ideas and dinner party menus. From a fiscally challenged dinner party, a low stress Italian multi course menu, to a healthy afternoon tea to a forensic eating dinner party and Texan at home BBQ there's something for every taste and occasion!

1 - Italian Dinner Party

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Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

Can I tempt you with a multi course dinner menu that won't stress you out? This is a really simple Italian-ish dinner party menu where so much can be made ahead of time to lower stress levels. There's whitebait with chilli; Veal Ragu and Pasta; Burrata, Tomato and Roasted Beetroot salad; Pea and Feta salad and Marmalade Pudding!

2 - Texan Beef Brisket BBQ

Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

This Texan beef brisket BBQ combines a wonderful low and slow cooked beef brisket and all of the fantastic sides to go along with it too! Best of all it's an outdoor party!

3 - Healthy Afternoon Tea

Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

Not all entertaining opportunities are lunch or dinner. There's that other delicious meal: afternoon tea! This is also a healthy afternoon tea (because life is all about balance).

4 - Forensic Eating Dinner Party

Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

If you like to think of yourself as a bit of a foodie let me put to you this idea of a "Forensic Eating" dinner party. Each person brings a dish and the other people have to guess what it is and what is in it! Test your food knowledge and that of your friends!

5 - $5 A Head Dinner Party

Top 5 Entertaining At Home Ideas

During the GFC a few years ago we decided to throw a dinner party that would challenge us and cost us $5 per head. It was a fun challenge because not only did we come up with a tasty three course meal, the clothing was also thrifted! It was a really fun challenge and had us searching for bargains and coming up with tasty but inexpensive dishes.

So tell me Dear Reader what is your favourite type of entertaining?

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