Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes!


Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

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1 - Easy Stuffed Mushrooms

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Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

Sometimes you just want something wholesome and full of vegetables for dinner. Enter these stuffed mushrooms. They're stuffed with two types of cheese and walnuts. I love this recipe because I make it to use up small bits of cheese I have in my fridge too!

2 - Crazy KFC Rice

Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

This is a recipe that was revived during lockdown last year and it's very tasty and involves cooking KFC pieces on top of a bed of rice. Then you use forks to shred the chicken!

3 - Quick Pasta Carbonara

Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

Carbonara is intimidating but in reality it is one of the easier pasta dishes to make. This method of making pasta carbonara from my friend Monica is kind of genius and saves you from making scrambled eggs!

4 - Soy Glazed Salmon

Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

I love salmon and finding new ways to cook it. This recipe came about by pure accident and I'm so glad that it did! It's a soy glazed salmon that is so utterly moreish and delicious.

5 - Prawn Rice Roll Hack

Top 5 Easy Prep Dinner Recipes

I made these easy prawn rice paper rolls last year during lockdown and ever since then I've made these dozens of times. They're so easy to put together for when you want a low carb and tasty meal!

So tell me Dear Reader, have you tried any of these recipes? Which recipe are you most likely to make?