Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining At Home!

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

Now that we can have small groups of friends over, here are 5 of the best dishes for entertaining at home! From a range of barbecue recipes to home made pizza there's something for everyone! These home entertaining recipes can be prepped ahead of time, done on the barbecue or they are made with your friends participating!

1- BBQ Plank Salmon

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

Being outside in groups is said to be safer than eating indoors so fire up the BBQ and make a plank salmon! It's not only beautiful but also ridiculously tasty! The salmon fillet is glazed with a gorgeous white miso, sesame, ginger glaze and then paired with a broccoli, bacon, cranberry and feta salad (which is definitely worth making).

2- Beer Can Chicken

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

Beer can chicken is an oldie but it's a goodie! A beer can props up a chicken on the barbecue. The beer helps keep the chicken moist and you know what? It's fun too!

3- Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

I love lamb shoulder because it is such a great cut that doesn't dry out as quickly as the leg. This lamb shoulder has the oven do all the work. Because the shoulder doesn't dry out you can cook the lamb beforehand and just heat it up just before you want to serve it! Tip: please make the rice and sides that go with this lamb shoulder too!

4- Home Made Pizza

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

I know I only just put this recipe up but I cannot express how much fun this pizza night was. We lay out a range of toppings and everyone made their own pizza and after they were baked, we all sampled each other's pizzas. And do you know what? All of the pizzas were delicious!

5- Texas BBQ Brisket & Fixin's

Top 5 Recipes For Entertaining at home

This is a bit of a project admittedly but now brisket is easier to get it's so much easier to recreate the feel of a real Texan BBQ. This was inspired by my trip to Lockhart, Texas and produces the softest, melt in the mouth beef brisket with Southern sides!

So tell me Dear Reader, which recipe is your pick? Are you visiting others or having others visit you yet?

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