Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes!

Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

It's eggplant or aubergine season and it is one of my favourite vegetables! It's versatility means that it can be soft, it can be crispy and it can take on all sorts of flavours from a Japanese restaurant favourite, a melty cheesy eggplant parmesan, a Sri Lankan eggplant relish, a spicy Chinese restaurant favourite or it can be stuffed!

1 - Sichuan Eggplant

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Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

Confession: whenever we see this eggplant dish on the menu at a Chinese restaurant we always order it. Why? Because it's sticky, tasty and delicious. It's also super easy to make at home too!

2 - Japanese Eggplant Nasu Dengaku

Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

Dear Reader you probably know how bossy I can be. And I'm going to be bossy here and tell you that you have to make this nasu dengaku recipe at least once in your life. And then I promise it won't be the last time you make it! The eggplant is soft and velvety underneath a delicious white miso topping!

3 - Eggplant Parmesan

Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am also obsessed with this eggplant parmesan bake. I've also made this usually oil laden dish a bit lighter thanks to a cooking tip that I use all the time when cooking eggplant!

4 - Sticky Sri Lankan Eggplant Relish Brinjal Moju

Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

When I visited Sri Lanka last year (!!) it started an addiction to eggplant relish or brinjal moju. Here eggplant is cooked down to create the most delicious side dish to curry. I've even eaten it straight with plain rice, spread it on sandwiches and it pretty much goes with everything!

5 - Imam Biyaldi Stuffed Eggplant

Top 5 Eggplant Aubergine Recipes

Whenever I don't know what to do with a vegetable I stuff it. But this Imam Biyaldi was inspired by a restaurant visit many years ago. It is eggplant hollowed out and then stuffed with cubes of eggplant, tomato, capsicum and feta!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like eggplant? How do you like to cook it?

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