The Top 5 Halloween Drinks!

Top 5 Halloween Drinks

If you've got a Halloween celebration coming up then you'll need something to drink along with your ghoulish nibbles! May I present you with 5 deliciously drinkable Halloween options? There's a Halloween Pumpkin Punch served in an enormous pumpkin, test tubes of a Sour Bloody Mary and a Frog Spawn Matcha Tea. Or how about a Sadistic Dentist Sangria with floating teeth or a super fun tutorial making "Brain Shots"?

1 - Halloween Pumpkin Punch Recipe

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Top 5 Halloween Drinks

This Halloween Pumpkin Punch was a drink that Laura brought to my Halloween party. It was so delicious, even with the whipped rat's guts (ok that would be the whipped cream) that I had to add it to the list of my favourite Halloween drinks!

2 - Sour Bloody Mary Cocktail

Top 5 Halloween Drinks

Sometimes you just need a Bloody Mary especially if you've had a bloody time of it. This is made with grapefruit vodka which gives it a beautiful tangy, sour note. Serve it in "shot" form aka in test tubes!

3 - Frog Spawn Drink

Top 5 Halloween Drinks

I know this looks alarming but it's actually totally delicious! The frog spawn is actually basil seeds and the bright green drink is just a matcha milk tea so honestly it's not that different from what you might get at a bubble tea shop - severed pinkie swear ;)

4 - Sadistic Dentist Sangria

Top 5 Halloween Drinks

I love this Sadistic Dentist Sangria mainly because I love Sangria. All you need to complete the picture is apples carved as teeth using a small paring knife. Who knows what people will fish out of the dark depths of this sangria!

5 - Brain Shots

Top 5 Halloween Drinks

These brain shots are kinda crazy and yet you should definitely give them a go. In this tutorial I'll show you how to make the "brain" using Baileys in a little syringe or straw piped into an acidic mixture of vodka and lime juice.

So tell me Dear Reader, which Halloween drink would you choose?

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