Top 5 Christmas Drinks

Top 5 Christmas Drinks

It's getting close to Christmas and while Christmas food is an important part of the celebration, so are the Christmas drinks that accompany them! From an absolutely delicious Puerto Rican Coconut Eggnog style drink to the most divine Mexican Hot Chocolate or home made ginger and chilli beer here is a selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic Christmas drinks for cold and hot weather!

1 - Coquito

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Top 5 Christmas Drinks

Hands down one of the most delicious drinks EVER is the Coquito or Puerto Rican eggnog. It takes 5 minutes to make, has a coconut base and doesn't use egg in it so if you're squeamish about raw egg then this is for you. Please try this at least once!

2 - Mexican Hot Chocolate

Top 5 Christmas Drinks

This is a delicious hot Chocolate but served Mexican style with a hint of cinnamon and chilli to warm you up. Oh and it's also delicious served frozen as a slushie too!

3 - Chai Eggnog Snowman

Top 5 Christmas Drinks

So what is Christmas without eggnog? This version has chai spices and the most adorable Snowman on top who is demonstrating relaxation goals (I DREAM of being this relaxed at Christmas).

4 - Aperol Spritz Granita

Top 5 Christmas Drinks

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere Christmas is a hot weather affair and hot weather combined with families may mean a good excuse for a cocktail. This Aperol Spritz is served frozen as a granita and is the best way to cool off!

5 - Ginger Chilli Beer

Top 5 Christmas Drinks

Have you ever tried making your own ginger beer? It's so crazy good and has so much real ginger taste in it! I added chilli to mine and it can be drunk within a few hours of making it!

So tell me Dear Reader, is there a drink that you like to serve for Christmas?

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