Commune Eatery, Alexandria

Commune Eatery, Alexandria

Commune Eatery is a new cafe in Alexandria. There's a mostly plant based menu but with a few dishes with meat and this light, airy cafe has a large sunny, outdoor section too so that it is also dog friendly. There's also a small dog menu for your favourite four legged friend!

Commune Eatery, Alexandria

"Just one cafe, pleeease," I said to Mr NQN. "And then a cheese shop," I added quietly. I had promised him a completely free weekend which he craves and I detest. It happens about once or twice a year and this was his weekend. The added sweetener to my proposition was that there was plenty of outdoor dining at Commune Eatery so we could take Teddy with us and afterwards we could also take him for a walk in nearby Sydney Park. "I'll give you a bit of cheese too," I whispered to Teddy.

Commune Eatery, Alexandria

Ordering at Commune Eatery is done at the counter. The cafe on MacDonald street in Alexandra has mostly outdoor seating under umbrellas and a few tables inside. At first glance I thought that the cafe was vegan or vegetarian but when I looked closer at the menu there was chicken, salmon and turkey available although the majority is plant based with the lone burger having a plant based patty. There is also a small dog snack menu too with puppucinos, pilchards and bone cookies although the rainbow bone that we wanted isn't available (nor is the chicken sandwich that we wanted to order on the hooman menu).

Commune Eatery, Alexandria
Turmeric, coconut and ginger bone $1.50

The coffee and chai latte comes out first. Mr NQN reports that the coffee is decent while the chai latte is also fine too. Teddy gets his turmeric bone chew which he devours happily.

Commune Eatery, Alexandria

Commune Eatery, Alexandria
KimCheese Toastie $11.50

The kimcheese toastie comes out first and we take one half each. It's filled with kimchi, tomato, spring onion, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and aioli on sourdough bread. I can see why it's popular as it is really tasty and crunchy. The kimchi that they use is a milder one and less punchy and sour than other ones that I've had but it's also really delicious.

Commune Eatery, Alexandria
Bibimbap Bowl $19 plus chicken $7

The bibimbap bowl comes out about 10 minutes later (just something to note if you're not sharing) and it's a colourful bowl with kimchi, mixed grain, broccoli, spinach, oyster mushrooms, sweet corn, carrot, cabbage, nori, gochujang sauce and fried tofu. It's as tasty as it is pretty and colourful. I really enjoy the freshness and crunchiness of the vegetables, and the tasty gochujang pepper dressing. We upgraded to chicken and it's very juicy and flavoursome and although it looks like a very small portion of chicken it's just about enough for the vegetables.

So tell me Dear Reader, is your perfect weekend busy with activity or is there nothing on the agenda?

This meal was independently paid for.

Commune Eatery

T9, Park Sydney Village, 88 MacDonald St, Erskineville NSW 2043

Hours: Wednesday to Friday 7am–3pm

Saturday & Sunday 7:30am–3pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Phone: (02) 8959 5653

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