Top 5 Winter Soups!

Top 5 Winter Soups

It's definitely soup season at the moment and if you're feeling the chill try one of these five amazing winter soups! There are seasonal soups like mushroom & chestnut or fennel, leek and Jerusalem artichoke soup. Then there's creamy corn potage or if you want something even heartier there's a pea and ham soup with a twist or a wonderful Persian vegetable and noodle soup!

1 - Double Pea & Ham Soup

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Top 5 Winter Soups

Why have one type of peas when you can have two? This double pea and ham soup has green peas and split green peas for a hearty, winter friendly soup! This is such a delicious take of pea and ham soup!

2 -Ash Reshtah

Top 5 Winter Soups

One of my favourite ever soups is Ash Reshtah, a Persian vegetable and noodle soup. Actually it is more like a thick stew in texture. It is made with chickpeas, beans, lentils and noodles and topped with some sweet, crispy turmeric onions, kashk or whey and dried mint!

3 -Sweet Roasted Fennel & Leek Soup With Jerusalem Artichoke

Top 5 Winter Soups

OK I know, it isn't the prettiest soup but we all know that some of the unprettiest food is the most delicious right? This soup is full of vegetables that are roasted to bring out the natural sweetness. There's a splash of brandy and a little thyme much like its cousin, French onion soup!

4 -Corn Potage

Top 5 Winter Soups

While corn potage is a French recipe, if you've visited Japan you'll know how much they love this soup. It's such a wonderful soup, creamy and highlighting the sweetness of corn. It is part of yōshoku cuisine (Western Japanese cuisine).

5 -Mushroom & Chestnut Soup

Top 5 Winter Soups

Seasonal mushrooms and chestnuts are the main ingredients in this rich, delicious soup. Leave this chunky with vegetables or puree to give it a smoother, velvety texture!

So tell me Dear Reader, which soup do you like the sound of the most? Do you have a favourite winter soup?

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