Top 5 Ways To Serve Green Beans!

Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

Green beans are plentiful at the moment (and really they are all year round). What is the best way to serve these crunchy, healthy green vegetables? Try Chinese green beans with pork, a green and yellow bean halloumi salad, a green bean & feta salad, an Autumnal roast vegetable salad or green curry chicken meatballs with braised green beans!

1 - Chinese Green Beans

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Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

These recipe for Chinese green beans is my most popular green bean recipe and that's because it is easy and tasty and everyone has probably had this at their local Chinese restaurant at some stage. It's a one pan meal and all you need is some rice to serve it with!

2 - Green & Yellow Bean Halloumi Salad

Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

This salad is also about crunch and textures. Green and yellow beans are paired with flat beans and tamari almonds for a wonderful crunch along with pan fried halloumi and a spicy honey dressing!

3 - Green Bean & Feta Salad

Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

What started off as a way to use up leftovers transformed into a completely delightful salad! Green beans are dressed with a simple, creamy dressing made with feta and yogurt. Pair it with some bread for a tasty, fresh lunch or serve it with a meat main!

4 - Green Curry Chicken Meatballs with Green Beans

Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

OK so green beans aren't the main event in this chicken meatball green curry but I couldn't resist sharing with you one of my favourite recipes that uses green beans in it! The meatballs are so juicy and flavoursome thanks to a wonderfully robust sauce!

5 - Autumnal Roasted Vegetable Salad

Top 5 Green Bean Recipes

We're coming into Autumn at warp speed (seriously how fast is this year going?). This is the sort of salad you pop in the oven and then let it do its thing and then serve it with balls of smoked paprika rolled feta cheese!

So tell me Dear Reader, which recipe would you want to try the most?

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