Top 5 Chickpea Recipes!

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

Have chickpeas, will eat! The humble chickpea is such a versatile ingredient. Eat it in a savoury dish or sweet. Think Mexican rice pudding with candied chickpeas, a delicious chickpea curry, chickpea salad, choc chip chickpea cookies and grilled chicken on hummus!

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

1 - Chickpea Curry

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Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

This is just about the best vegetarian curry I've ever made. And it came by pure accident. This chickpea, spinach and red lentil curry can be done on the stovetop or slow or pressure cooker too!

2 - Red Cabbage and Chickpea Salad

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

Chickpeas are so versatile and I've always got a tin or two in my pantry so when I'm making up recipes I often throw them in to add protein. This was me experimenting with what I had in the fridge but it ended up so delicious I had to share it with you. There's red cabbage, crunchy carrot, green onions, chickpeas, halved grapes as well as a creamy, garlicky lemon dressing.

3 - Choc Chip Chickpea Cookies

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

Chickpeas in cookies? Yes! This is a version of a classic choc chip cookie but with the added goodness of chickpeas. And do you know what? They're delicious!

4 - Hummus Chicken Salad

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

We all know and love hummus but this is one of my favourite ways to serve it to guests. It's pieces of juicy spiced grilled chicken served on a bed of smooth, creamy hummus!

5 - Mexican Rice Pudding With Candied Chickpeas

Top 5 Chickpea Recipes

I was so intrigued by this Mexican rice pudding with candied chickpeas that I had to make it straight away. This is a creamy rice pudding topped with chickpeas poached in a cinnamon and star anise syrup. It's so utterly delicious and I hope you'll try this if you're a fan of rice pudding!

So tell me Dear Reader, how often do you cook with chickpeas? Have you ever had them in a sweet recipe before?

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