Top 5 Rose Cakes For Mother's Day

Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

It's almost time for Mother's Day and if your mum or you love roses then I've got our top picks of rose cakes! From the delicate Persian Love Cake, soaked in rose syrup and topped with pistachios, to the vegan-friendly Rose & Raspberry Cake, adorned with fluffy vegan frosting, each creation is different. Dive into the velvety Rose Cheesecake, featuring a pistachio biscuit base and adorned with edible rose buds, or opt for the visually stunning Rose Pistachio & Pandan Bundt Cake, perfect for Mother's Day celebrations. And don't miss the Spiced Pear & Rose Upside Down Cake, a cosy treat adorned with pear slices and a hint of cinnamon.

1 Persian Love Cake with Rosewater Buttercream

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Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

Try this pretty pink Persian Love Cake for Mother's Day! It's an almond and cardamom cake soaked in rose syrup, layered with rosewater buttercream and topped with pistachios and edible roses.

2 - Vegan Rose & Raspberry Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

This rose cake is for any vegan mothers out there! I enjoy baking vegan cakes not because I'm vegan, but because they're so simple to make and as easy as mixing muffins. Actually, even easier because you don't need to worry about having eggs at room temperature. This beauty is flavoured with rose and raspberry with a fluffy vegan 7 minute frosting!

3 - Rose Turkish Delight Cheesecake

Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

This rose cheesecake combines a pistachio shortbread biscuit base, a hint of rose flavoring, and creamy ricotta cheese with a layer of pale pink rose jelly and edible rose buds on top to tie the dessert together with a pink theme.

4 - Rose Pistachio & Pandan Bundt Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

This eye-catching two-toned bundt cake is not only visual but also incredibly delicious! The pink layer is delicately flavored with rose, while the green layer boasts pandan flavor. Topped with pink rose icing, slivered pistachios, and rose petals, it's a perfect choice for Mother's Day celebrations.

5 - Spiced Pear & Rose Upside Down Cake

Top 5 Mother's Day Rose Cakes

This stunning upside down pear cake is adorned with pears and delicately flavoured with nutmeg and cinnamon. It's the perfect treat for cozy afternoon teas with friends at home. A sprinkle of edible rose petals adds a finishing touch, ensuring every last crumb will be devoured!

So tell me Dear Reader, which rose cake is your pick?

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