Top 5 Sponge Cakes!

Top 5 Sponge Cakes

Feel like baking something delicious? These beautifully light sponge cakes are a triumph of baking and bring back memories of comforting cakes from yesteryear. There's a never-fail sponge cake recipe, a "London Fog" Earl Grey sponge cake, a classic Australian Ginger Fluff sponge cake or a Passion Fruit Sponge Cake. Even vegans are catered for with a Coffee Walnut Vegan Sponge Cake!

1 - Duck Egg Sponge Cake

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Top 5 Sponge Cakes

Up until this sponge cake, all my sponge cakes had failed miserably. You see I wasn't whipping them for long enough and so I set about developing a recipe for making a foolproof sponge cake. This has all the tips and tricks you'll need to make a successful sponge cake and uses duck eggs which are larger than chicken eggs and have more protein in them which makes for a taller sponge cake!

2 - Victoria, the "London Fog" Earl Grey Tea Cake!

Top 5 Sponge Cakes

It would be remiss to not include Victoria, my London Fog Earl Grey Sponge Cake, the most popular sponge cake on the blog. With two layers of Earl Grey infused sponge cake and a drizzle of Earl Grey syrup, soft billowy whipped vanilla cream and a canopy of edible flowers it's a surprisingly easy show stopper.

3 - Ginger Fluff Sponge Cake

Top 5 Sponge Cakes

Another popular cake is an Aussie classic, the Ginger Fluff Sponge Cake. This sky high beauty has a gorgeous spiced cocoa flavour to it and a generous amount of golden syrup sweetened whipped cream.

4 - Vegan Coffee Walnut Sponge Cake

Top 5 Sponge Cakes

Did you know that you can make a sponge cake without eggs? YES! That main ingredient is most sponges is whipped up eggs but with this vegan coffee walnut sponge cake there are no eggs at all!

5 - Passion Fruit Sponge Cake

Top 5 Sponge Cakes

My favourite fruit flavour for pretty much any sweets is passion fruit and as a result I have two passion fruit sponge cakes on my blog. This is my first one, inspired by a passion fruit topped vanilla slice. It is a tall sponge thick with whipped cream and passionfruit curd and top them with the very best passionfruit icing!

So tell me Dear Reader, do you like sponge cake? Do you have a favourite from the ones above?

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