Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices!

Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

What to do with lot of lemons? This seasonal fruit is one of the most delicious ingredients in baking. Try these 5 little lemon bakes including lemon and basil cupcakes, lemon coconut bars, lemon meringue slice, lemon & passion fruit mini cakes and zingy lemon cookies!

1 - Lemon Meringue Slice

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Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

This is one of my favourite items I've made all year, not just because I can't master lemon meringue pie but this to me, is actually better. Enormous clouds of meringue top the easiest lemon filling and a divine buttery coconut base (which is what makes it better than Lemon Meringue Pie IMHO).

2 -Passion Fruit & Lemon Cakes

Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

These little lemon and passion fruit cakes are baked in a friand tin. For a little surprise they are injected with lemon curd for added zing and frosted with a simple passionfruit icing!

3 -Lemon Coconut Bars

Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

I love no bake recipes and this is one of the easiest recipes to use up lemons. It takes no time to put together and the lemon cookie coconut base is made of simple pantry friendly ingredients mixed together in a bowl. The lemon frosting on top is an absolute dream and is also done in a few minutes flat!

4 -Lemon Basil Cupcakes

Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

If you want to serve up something pretty and delicate try these lemon basil cupcakes. The softest lemon white chocolate, basil and poppy seed cupcakes are topped with a silky cream cheese browned butter frosting, dabs of lemon curd and a basil leaf!

5 -Lemon Up Cookies

Top 5 Little Lemon Cakes, Cookies & Slices

It's not easy to get Girl Scout Cookies here in Australia but if you want to give one of the tastiest cookies a try, make this recipe for Lemon Ups! It's a buttery lemon shortbread drizzled with a tangy lemon icing. Inspirational saying optional!

So tell me Dear Reader, how do you like to use up your lemons? Find more delicious lemon recipes here.

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